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How to Choose Holding/Toggle Clamps

Post By: Julian Oakes On: 20-11-2020

A holding or toggle clamp is one of the most useful tools you can have in any workshop, giving you control over the workpiece. Its function is simple, to hold things in place while you perform some other action on them...

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I’m Julian, and I look after the sales side at Rowse.

My engineering background is as diverse as my interests. I’ve been involved in many things, from initially training as a Fitter/Turner with the MOD, culminating on working with high-pressure air systems on nuclear sub-marines, through to production engineering shop floor environments, working with hydraulics and pneumatics. Later, I became involved in selling electronic components for global distributors along with technical/commercial engagement with suppliers.

To add to the conundrum, I get excited by the possibilities of new technologies, AI, VR, IoT etc and yet am a huge fan of classic motorcycles, cars and anything internally combusted. I’m never happier than with oily hands deep in an engine rebuild, or, I should say, once it starts!

I’ve built two houses from the ground up, which has exposed me to the joys of domestic electrics, heating etc, installed two underfloor heating systems and dipped my toe in a myriad of other skills and trades from carpentry to roofing.

At Rowse, my general background helps me to get involved in a variety of enquiries, with my speciality being more on the mechanical/pneumatics side.

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