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Designing Safe Pneumatic Systems

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 03-04-2020

The design and construction of machinery always has two objects in mind, apart from its obvious functionality. The first is that anyone operating the machine should be protected from any accidental injury as a result of its malfunction...

5 Key Safety Functions in a Pneumatic System

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 03-04-2020

Machine building has become more complex with the introduction of more automated systems, and designers must devote more careful attention to the newer safety standards that apply...

How To Measure BSP Fittings

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 09-03-2020

As with all components, pipes and seals for pneumatic systems differ in their specification according to the geographical region in which they're used, and the prevailing industry preferences...

Obsolescence Management in the Military

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 02-01-2020

Obsolescence can be something of a dirty word, where it implies that manufactured materials are designed to fail. In fact, planned obsolescence...

How To Find Leaks In Pneumatic Systems

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 13-12-2019

If a compressed air system develops a leak, it can waste a lot of energy, especially in a complex automated industrial setting. Up to 30% of a compressor's normal output can be lost through leakage...

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My name is Tom; I am the automation and control specialist at Rowse. I have worked at Rowse for over ten years and before this was an electrical design engineer in Plymouth Dockyard. Since joining Rowse, I have been responsible for the industrial and control offering and also providing technical support for these products.

When I joined Rowse in 2008, my background was more electrically bias, and I had little experience with the wonderful world of pneumatics. It was a steep learning curve at the start; learning the products, methods and terminology, I was glad of the support of some of my colleagues and some of the many training courses I attended at the start. Despite all this, I have a developed a real passion for pneumatics and love pneumatic circuit design and product selection for my customers.

As pneumatic manufacturers have continued to innovate, we see the introduction of more electrical biased products such as electric cylinders and actuators and communication-based valve terminals; I am pleased to of had my electrical automation knowledge to fall back on.

Since joining Rowse, I have continued to develop my knowledge as an engineer and have recently been certified as a machinery safety expert. Machine safety is another passion of mine it allows me to be involved in projects in much greater detail offering support carrying out machinery risk assessments, CE marking and selecting products for various applications.

The content I write about for Rowse covers topics I either find interesting or based on some of the questions I frequently asked carrying out my work. With a keen interest in automation and control products and their development, I hope you find my content both interesting and informative and would welcome any suggestions for topics to cover.

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