Why Do Dimmer Switches Buzz?

Post By: Ryan King On: 22-09-2020 - Smart Homes

Domestic dimmer switches were invented in 1959, and quickly became a very popular way of creating mood lighting in the home. They've moved on a lot since then, and today's dimmer switch is a much more sophisticated piece of tech. Modern dimmer switches offer all sorts of options, which include programmable security timers, slave systems, and fully automated smart switches. You can even get switches that don't need wiring, in innovative concepts such as self-powered wireless dimmers.

Why Do Dimmer Switches Buzz?

One problem that's often encountered with a dimmer switch is that it emits a hum or buzzing noise. It's most commonly caused by a fault in the switch mechanism, or, more commonly, in the light filament.

Why Do Dimmer Switches Buzz?

How To Replace Your Dimmer Switch

It is possible to replace a dimmer switch yourself, provided you pay careful attention to the procedure and know something about wiring. However, if you're at all unsure of what to do, then we strongly recommend that you contact a qualified electrician.

Tools required to install a new or upgraded dimmer switch:

  • A selection of screwdrivers
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire connectors
  • A non-contact voltage tester


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