Festo MSE6-E2M
Energy Efficiency Module

The Festo MSE6-E2M is a breakthrough module for increasing energy efficiency. It's a unique new design, the first of its kind, intended to save energy in pneumatic systems and increase machine sustainability. It comes in a compact modular form compatible with various ethernet communication types, and incorporates system monitoring functions.

The Festo MSE6-E2M Energy Efficiency Module

The Festo MSE6-E2M makes saving energy simpler than ever. Using this module can help you achieve your targets for the improved energy efficiency of both new and existing machinery, and increase your overall plant sustainability. It does this in a number of ways:

1. Compressed Air Consumption Off When In Standby Mode

The Festo MSE6-E2M will automatically shut down the compressed air supply if a standby status is detected (according to predefined data). During these pauses in operation, the compressed air consumption will be reduced to nothing – even if leaks have been detected in the system. Restarting the compressed air supply is a simple function on the equipment control panel.

2. Fully Automatic Leakage Monitoring & Maintenance

Whenever the compressed air supply shuts down, the Festo MSE6-E2M automatically checks for leakage in the system. Excessive leakage will cause pressure to drop rapidly, so the compressed air supply is constantly monitored and rigorously regulated by Festo's intelligent service module. A status update notification is sent to the system operator via the unit's fieldbus connection, so that maintenance teams can be alerted. The air preparation system itself monitors its performance in real time, enabling fast and effective analysis of relevant process data and continuous maintenance.

3. System Condition & Monitoring

Simple energy monitoring is enabled by the Festo MSE6-E2M, as it provides continuous process data via fieldbus. Important system data is exchanged, such as consumption, operating pressure and flow rates. These can all be monitored and controlled directly on the equipment's control panel.

Festo MSE6-E2M Energy Efficiency Module

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Rowse & Festo: Working Together On Your Behalf

Rowse has been a trusted Festo Partner and Authorised Distributor for many years. We are specialists in the fields of advanced pneumatics and all kinds of electrical products, including safety and energy-saving equipment. We have complete access to Festo's global network and the full range of their product catalogues. In addition, our team members attend the many conferences and training events set up by Festo, so we are fully up to date with their new products and technical developments.

How Rowse & Festo Can Help You Save Energy

As a Festo Partner, our specialist teams take a lot of time to learn each new product item or technique as it is released. In this way, we establish exactly how things work, and can then direct our expertise towards getting the most benefit for you. We can help you find and choose the correct hardware for your project, and offer you our expert advice on how best to save energy. Rowse will locate and supply whatever products you need, and can also advise you on design considerations and machine safety.