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AirTAC International Group was first established in 1988 in Taiwan, where it still maintains its headquarters. Within ten years the company had set up a sales HQ in China, and from there it soon expanded into Europe. In 2008 AirTAC set up its first operation in Italy, and ten years after that established a base in the USA. In the intervening years, the company's continued growth allowed it to set up further production and sales bases in Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Singapore.

AirTAC is known as a manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic equipment, including actuators, air preparation and control devices and accessories. AirTAC products are used across a wide variety of industries, including environmental protection, medical, food and beverages, automotive, electronics and many more. AirTAC is a people-oriented company, which believes in sharing both the responsibilities and the profits, and working together for common development.

AirTac Products

AirTAC International Group is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of pneumatic equipment. At Rowse Pneumatics, we are pleased to stock a substantial range of AirTAC components, including products in the following core categories:

  • Cylinders and Pneumatic Actuators
  • Valves
  • Fittings/Tubing

Cylinders and Pneumatic Actuators

AirTAC manufactures several different varieties of actuator, including cylinder type actuators, slide type and magnetic type. Cylinders can be twin-rod, tri-rod or rodless, or consist of a rotary or slide table.

Standard and round-line cylinders are available in a variety of bores with imperial measurements. Round-line mini cylinders have a compact structure, low volume and light weight, and they come in either round imperial or standard metric sizes.

Twin-rod cylinders provide resistance to twisting or bending. Tri-rod cylinders are able to cope with greater radial loads and higher torque, producing additional precision and load-bearing capacity. Rodless cylinders use magnets with cushioned buffers, and are available with or without guides.

Double-acting slide table drives comprise a highly rigid, corrosion-resistant steel rail with various guide options, including recirculating linear ball and cross roller linear guides.

AirTAC rotary table drives work using a double cylinder with a rack and pinion action. They are simple to install but offer a high-precision performance.


We supply a wide range of AirTAC valves, including two-way valves, directional valves, multi-branched and modular valves, and solenoid valves in many configurations.

Fittings and Tubing

AirTAC fittings include one-touch fittings. Also available are shock absorbers and connectors in all typical configurations such as T, Y, cross, and elbow, plus silencers, speed controllers and reducers.

Polyurethane tubing comes in all lengths and colours, in metric or imperial sizes. It can be kinked or straight, flexible and anti-knot, and is available with several resistance options including fire, abrasion, oils or chemicals.

How Rowse Can Help

We keep an extensive catalogue of AirTAC products in stock at Rowse Pneumatics, which we supply to many different sectors of industry. Our team of experts have many years of experience in pneumatics, and extensive knowledge of AirTAC and its products. We can always help you select the right products for your particular needs.



  • Cylinders and Pneumatic Actuators
  • Valves
  • Fittings/Tubing

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