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The Aurora Group was founded in 1999 as an East-West collaboration specialising in lighting solutions, and was named after the Latin word meaning ?dawn?: Aurora. The name also appears in the Aurora Borealis, or northern dawn, Earth's most spectacular natural light show. The Aurora Group works closely on smart lighting strategies with Gooee, a company established by one of Aurora's co-founders, which has an international reputation for innovations in the smart building environment.

From early days as a standard lighting specialist, the Aurora Group has grown into an international LED light organisation, with a global network covering over 70 countries. Their ten international facilities host more than 440,000 sq. ft. of premises dedicated to the research and development of creative product designs, with innovative engineering solutions, rigorous testing, and ground-breaking technological developments in the field of IoT communications and sensing.

Aurora Lighting Products

At Rowse we stock a wide range of core Aurora products for all your lighting needs.

Spot Lights

Aurora offers a great variety of solutions for spot lighting, including downlights, gimbals and tracked. The Eddi? family of Aurora spotlights, for example, offers three track and four recessed LED designs, which are made to order. Customers can choose between reflectors or lenses, with interchangeable beam width optics. One, two and three-way mounting options are available for gimbal spots, and downlights can be tilted, adjustable or low glare.

Flood Lights

We stock a variety of high-powered LED Aurora Flood Lights, in a wide range of wattage and sizes suitable for domestic and commercial use. Options are available with PIR sensors for optimum motion detection, or ultra-slim and driverless for minimal visual impact.

Bulk Heads

Originally designed as durable fixtures in ships, streamlined bulkhead lighting is a rugged and efficient solution for industrial and commercial environments. Made in impact-resistant polycarbonate, Aurora Bulkhead Lighting can also be used with PIR sensors to offer a safety option.


Aurora's smart Dimmers are equipped with a Slave Mode which allows control of up to 250W of LED or halogen lighting. Inline Dimmers can be programmed to control up to 25 separate devices, and can include safety features for the ultimate smart solution.

Emergency Lighting

We stock a range of Aurora Emergency Lighting, including 3-hour maintained units with battery packs, plus smart suspended systems with modular inputs along the line for maximum flexibility. Emergency wall or ceiling-mounted Exit signs are also available.


We stock Aurora's battery-powered, smart wireless sensors, which can be fixed to any flat surface and configured with a mobile app. Lighting spaces can be individually configured to activate spaces, devices or scenes, based on occupancy sensing, movement detection, light levels and the opening of any doors or windows.

Aurora Lighting


  • Spot Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Bulk Heads
  • Dummers
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Sensors

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