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C.K Tools was founded in Germany in 1904 by Carl Kämmerling. Kämmerling branched out on his own to provide a wider range of tool services, and by 1935, his son Wilhelm was able to buy out his predecessor. In 1947 he opened a UK office in London.

In 1954 C.K moved their operation to North Wales, starting with 6 staff, and after nine years of successful development, registered as a limited company with 50 staff. C.K products are now available around the world, with an international sales team and a global network of distributors in more than 40 countries, including Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, the USA, and Canada.

C.K is a medium-sized, family run business, which embodies the best German traditions of honest trading, a long-term business perspective, and financial stability. The company portfolio today includes hand tools, power tool accessories, tool storage equipment, and security products, all with their own distinctive function and character.

C.K Tools Products

C.K Magma

The C.K Magma range combines creative style with optimal functionality, delivering a selection of eye-catching and premium quality products for PPE and storage. Fabric Storage products include Tool Cases, Bags, Totes, Technician's Rucksacks, Tool Rolls and a stylish Contractor's Organiser. Wearable Fabric Storage items include Tool Belts and Accessories, Tool Belt Sets and a Tool Vest and Rig.

C.K Classic

C.K Classic products are designed to reflect the original heritage and quality of traditional C.K brands. The range includes a selection of durable hardware products, dependable garden tools and cutlery. For gardeners, there are tools for Shearing, Pruning, Lopping and Felling, Cultivation and Agriculture, while Hardware categories include Cabinet Hinges, Snap Hooks and End Mills. Cutlery includes Scissors, Pocket Knives and Kitchen Accessories.


Avit offers a wide range of products for both trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It includes categories of tools for Building and Decorating, Measuring and Marking, Sawing and Cutting, Wrenches, Cutters and Pliers, Automotive and Engineering tools, Screwdrivers, Power Tool Accessories, Storage Equipment and all kinds of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


Kasp is C.K's security brand, comprising a quality range of precision engineered padlocks, cables and chains. Kasp locks are designed to ensure outstanding reliability and exceptional strength, and include Padlocks, Combination Padlocks, Bike Locks, Van Locks and Hasps, Keys, Security Chains, Hasps and Staples, Lockout Hasps and Padlocks, and microfine graphite Lubricant.


C. K is the company's core product. It comprises a range of hand tools which are carefully engineered to provide outstanding performance, accuracy, durability and strength. Hand tools in this category include Screwdrivers, Pliers and Cutters, Sockets, Wrenches and Spanners, ESD and Precision tools, plus tools for Electricians and Engineers, Building and Plumbing, Measuring and Marking, Sawing and Cutting, Water Systems, Power Tool Accessories, Torches and Lamps,


Jokari products are distributed by C.K on behalf of their German manufacturer, and comprise a range of high quality Knives, Blades and Cable Strippers. As part of the C.K Tools catalogue, Jokari products dovetail precisely with C.K's own pliers and other technical tools for the electrical and associated professional trades.

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