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Controlsoft is a UK company headquartered in Cheltenham, first established in 1991 and incorporated as a limited company in 2002. It now has branches in the US and South Africa and has developed long-term partnerships with several leading specialists in recognition software. The company is an expert in developing, manufacturing and distributing electronic solutions for Access Control, with a comprehensive array of competitively priced and easily installed systems.

Controlsoft has over 10,000 systems worldwide in daily use, and is proud of the long-term relationships it has built with its customers and suppliers. The company is committed to reliability and excellence in its product ranges, as well as offering the best in customer service and support.

Controlsoft Products

Rowse stocks many Controlsoft products, including software and many ID authentication solutions.

Access Control Solutions

Access Control Solutions range from door entry keypads and stand-alone card readers to integral proximity sensors and the i-Net Network Control unit. This comprehensive unit offers intelligent control via RS-485 bus communication, and can cover one or two doors for up to 100,000 cardholders. These units can be modified with expansion boards and Wiegand converters, and easily installed using the Identity Access software package.

Fingerprint Access Control

Controlsoft offers a range of fingerprint readers, including the top-ranked biometric MorphoSmart™ series, with its patented optical software and fingerprint algorithm design. Compact USB options are available alongside stand-alone and desktop units, with features including fake finger detection, ID information encryption and advanced finger vein biometrics. The Sigma unit combines video entryphone options with fingerprint biometrics and Time and Attendance control options, while the latest MorphoWave Compact provides frictionless 3D imaging of four fingers with a simple wave of the hand.

Pin-code Access Control

The PIN code is one of the earliest information protection technologies, most commonly used on bank cards. For access control units there are many options that combine proximity readers with keypads, and offer a choice of card-only, card or PIN, or card and PIN for varying degrees of security. Cards can be swiped through a magnetic strip reader or pressed over an optical recognition reader, with the PIN code providing additional two-factor authentication.

RFID Access Control

Radio Frequency ID systems allow entry to secure areas to be controlled via radio waves. Controlsoft offers three versions of door access control using RFID technology, which doesn't need to be within visual or contact distance to be identified.



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