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Craig and Derricott is a well-known and highly regarded British company, established by the Derricott family in 1944 and based in the West Midlands. It is a leading manufacturer of control gear and enjoys a long-standing reputation for its engineering expertise, well proven products and outstanding customer service.

The company has recently undertaken a programme of expansion and investment, and has a current net worth of around £3.5 million. Significant recruitment is taking place in the Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors of the business, with the progressive introduction of new products, alongside significant enhancements and upgrades to the existing product portfolio.

Craig and Derricott Products

At Rowse we stock many Craig and Derricott products, including lighting solutions and low voltage switchgear.

Low Voltage Switchgear

A wide range of products are available in this category, including a selection of Motor Control units, comprising Speed Controls, Direct-on-Line Starters and Overloads. Other low voltage switchgear includes Isolation and Pushbutton Equipment and a variety of Selector and Limit Switches. Special and bespoke products can also be commissioned for all sorts of applications using CAD modelling, fast prototyping and full environmental testing.

Emergency Switches

Continuous Emergency Stop protection is provided by C&D tensioned Grabwire Switches and accompanying accessories, originally designed for use over long distances such as conveyor installations. This technology is extremely versatile and the latest products can adapt to many types of application, including stainless steel housings for the food preparation industry, as well as brewing, pharmaceutical applications and more rugged outdoor environments. Ranges cover both small to medium runs (up to 100m between pairs) or longer runs (up to 2km) for such areas as jetties.

LED Tube Lights

Craig and Derricott have developed a unique LED tube light solution for use primarily in the rail industry, which combines a safe and easy tube fitting with the electro-mechanical protection required for LED circuits. A variety of operating voltages and tube lengths are available, in cost-efficient tubes which can be plugged directly into existing light fixtures.

LED Downlights

We stock a range of Craig and Derricott high intensity LED downlights, in cool or warm white, which are suitable for architectural, domestic, commercial, retail and rail applications. These low energy LED lights have an expected life span of 50,000 hours and are similar in dimension to standard-sized equivalents. With these energy-saving downlights, the benefits of LED lighting technology can easily be added to any existing design range.

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  • Emergency Switches
  • LED Tube Lights
  • LED Downlights

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