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Crompton has an impressively long history as one of the world's first independent UK lamp businesses. Originally founded in 1878 by the entrepreneur Colonel Crompton, his interest in electricity led him to design and install some of the earliest known electric light systems, including those at Holyrood Palace and Windsor Castle. The electrical business developed and flourished until 1968, when it underwent a number of incorporations by larger enterprises such as Hawker Siddeley and Cooper Industries. By 2006 these larger interests withdrew from the manufacturing of lamps, but a management buy-out enabled the re-emergence of Crompton Lamps and a relocation to Bradford. In 2011 the company became part of GCH Corporation Limited.

The company invests heavily in its people, with its key aims being high ethical standards, environmentally friendly operation and the development of open, honest and long term business relationships. They support and encourage the adoption of low energy light sources and the overall global reduction of carbon emissions.

Crompton Products

Crompton Lamps are justifiably proud of their 140-year tradition of providing lighting solutions, and Rowse stocks a wide range of their traditionally styled and modern lighting products.

LED Lamps/Bulbs

Crompton LED lamps and bulbs cover both standard LED domestic ranges and the Phoebe LED range of commercial and industrial lighting solutions. This includes downlights, floodlights and track lighting, battens, bulkheads and ceiling panels, as well as outdoor and portable floodlights for commercial use. Domestic LED ranges include capsule and coloured bulbs, globes and filaments, spots, linear and corn lamps, plus dimmers and drivers and thermal plastic bulbs.

Fluorescent Lamps/Bulbs

Crompton's fluorescent lamp options include shatter-proof Halophosphate and Triphosphor tubular lights, plus circular lamps for use with luminaires and separately supplied starter switches. Triphosphor tubes come in High Efficiency options for optimum energy saving, or High Output for optimum lumen output.

Halogen Lamps/Bulbs

Crompton Halogen lamps are available in standard GLS format, as well as candles, globes, capsules and an energy-saving linear option, which is often used for up-lighters, display lighting and floodlights. Capsule halogen bulbs are made from UV stop glass and are frequently used for accent lighting.

CFL Lamps/Bulbs

CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamps are commonly recognised as energy-saving bulbs, with their typical spiral construction. They are also available in a single stick version, single, double or triple turn, ultra mini-spiral and a 2D CC version which is useful for exterior luminaires and slim fittings.



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