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Destaco was originally established in 1915 as the Detroit Stamping Company, by founder William H. Roberts. The company set out to provide contract stamping services to Chicago's rapidly expanding automotive industry. In 1936, the company patented the first manual toggle clamp in the world, and now has over 100 years of experience in the industry. Such was their success with this product that the Detroit Stamping Company began to expand internationally in 1954, opening their first overseas office in Germany in 1958.

In 1962 the company became part of the industrial conglomerate, Dover Corporation, and changed its name to Destaco. In 1983 they opened their first operation in Asia, and through the '90s made a number of international acquisitions. Destaco currently has 12 business and manufacturing facilities spread across North America, Europe and Asia.

Destaco Products

Destaco clamps and grips are known globally for improving production flexibility, and are used in a wide range of manufacturing applications. At Rowse, we can supply a comprehensive line of Destaco products, including grips, clamps, positioners and robotic tooling.


We can supply a range of manual, powered and pneumatic Destaco clamps for welding and various assembly applications. Manual clamp options include Squeeze Action, Straight Line Action and Latch clamps, plus Vertical or Horizontal Hold-down clamps, Swing Action clamps and Variable Stroke Straight Line clamps. Destaco also offers a wide range of hydraulic clamps, and both light-duty and heavy-duty pneumatic clamps. Heavy-duty options cover manual or pneumatic Power clamps, Hook Pin clamps, Pin Packages, Pivot Units and Cylinders. Light duty pneumatic clamps offer either Lever or Swing options.


Destaco make gripping products for all sorts of applications, including miniature clean room grippers for the pharmaceutical industry, stainless steel grippers for use with food and beverages, and heavy-duty grippers for handling industrial materials. Many types of Bag grippers are available for picking and palleting applications. Heavy-duty grippers include Sheet Metal and Pressroom grippers for use in manufacturing, plus Modular Mini-clamps. Destaco's Robohand range provides both Angular and Parallel grippers and Electric Parallel grippers.

Positioners (Linear & Rotary)

Destaco’s linear positioning products come in varying stroke options and many different model sizes. Items available include both Rite Link and Precision Link conveyors. These can be made with either an industrial or medical finish. The Robohand range of thrusters and sliders can be powered either internally or externally, to provide linear positioning for pneumatic applications. Products include Rail slides, with either roller bearings or ball rail, Base slides, Thruster slides and Feed Escapements.

Robotic Tooling

Destaco has been making robotic tooling for more than 30 years and for many different applications. End effectors are designed to act as a robot wrist, and are also called End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT). Different configurations are available, including Spider Grip, Lightweight, Round and Bodybuilder versions. Destaco also offers a range of vacuum products to go with the EOATs, such as Vacuum Cups, Spring Loaded Cup Mounts, Manifolds, Generators and Double Blank Detectors.



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  • Gripping
  • Positioners (Linear & Rotary)
  • Robotic Tooling

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