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First registered on 1st January 1956 as Doepke & Co, the Doepke company was founded by Franz Doepke as commercial partner, and Wilhelm Engels who headed technology and design. Carried on by these founding partners for many years, management changes between 1970 and 1995 allowed for expansion of the business from 25 to 200 employees. Doepke's HQ and manufacturing base in Germany was supplemented in 1979 with a UK subsidiary employing 10 people for sales and small-scale manufacturing, and in 1999 with a 10-person sales team established in Dubai.

The company focus was on the development and manufacture of residual current circuit-breakers, although in the early years these were difficult to market and the partners had to visit customers in person to explain the product and its protective function. Doepke still undertakes almost all of its design and manufacturing in-house, but they now sell internationally to more than 40 countries.

Doepke Products


Doepke offer a range of RCCB options, including Type A switches for pulsating or alternating current, in categories covering Remote Tripping and Emergency Stop functions, Short-Term Delayed and Self-Testing/Restarting functions, Selective, Basic and Twin designs and designs for Electromobility, Point Heaters and Special Voltages or Frequencies.

Type AC current switches are only available for Point Heaters, while Type B RCCBs protect against residual currents with mixed frequencies, AC residual and pulsating currents and smooth DC residual currents operating at frequencies <150 kHz. Type B Categories include Basic and Selective designs, Emergency Stops and designs for Mobile Installations and Special Voltages or Frequencies. Type F switches are mixed frequency sensitive, and include designs for Basic, Audiophile and Electromobility.


Miniature Circuit-Breakers, or fuses, switch off an electric circuit if an overcurrent or short-circuit occurs, and protect against damage to the electrical wiring. MCB options range from the 6kA Trade and Compact versions for workshops to the 10kA version for Industry and the 15-20kA version for high current applications.


Doepke supply a basic Enclosure with space for an RCCB trip, for protecting circuit-breakers against external contact, unauthorised operation and environmental influences. Units have a transparent cover containing a folding window that can be locked or sealed, plus a mounting plate and lug-mounting parts kit.

Consumer Units

Doepke have a range of consumer units and distribution boards for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. All consumer units and distribution boards are fully compliant with the latest regulations.

Switch Gear

To complement the range of Doepke protection devices, there is also a range of load break isolators and combination switch fuses. The range of switchgear covers amperages from 20A up to 630A for three phase and neutral applications. The switchgear is contained within metal enclosures and is available with ingress protection up to IP55; isolator handles can also be padlocked into position.

Control Products and Modular Devices

Doepke manufacture a range of control products and modular devices. Control products include earth leakage relays and multifunction meters. The earth leakage relays differ from standard RCD passive products as they are constantly monitoring the circuit for active protection.

Modular devices are designed to be fitted alongside other Doepke products in a consumer or other DIN rail enclosure, the devices include isolator switches up to 125A, contactors, low voltage bell transformers and time switches for both 24hr and 7-day timers.



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