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Fitzgerald Lighting was founded in the 1970s in Cornwall, where they still have the original factory employing more than 100 people. They specialise in commercial and industrial luminaires, and offer comprehensive and cost-efficient lighting solutions for all applications. These began with simple fluorescent battens and have developed into innovative, energy-saving LED designs, which can be both architectural and eye-catching. Fitzgerald incorporated in 2009 and have since developed an international network offering high quality products and standards, at the forefront of style, innovation and performance.

Modern Fitzgerald luminaires are designed with the latest technology, using CAD/CAM systems and 3D modelling to achieve peak efficiency and performance. They also provide lighting project management, with a professionally qualified team of lighting design engineers, who undertake to design energy efficient control solutions.

Fitzgerald Lighting Products

At Rowse we stock a wide range of Fitzgerald Lighting products, ranging from the various types of LED, to emergency lighting and products for the industrial environment.

LED Lights

Fitzgerald's LED lights are designed for almost any situation, from an amenity area to the most hazardous environment. Standard LED designs include a traditional suspended style, a tandem version and a larger municipal type. This style is also offered in a flattened spectrum version, while surface-mounted or recessed options include a smooth profile, suspended square and a curved reflector system that provides a subtle combination of both indirect and direct light.

Industrial Lighting

For industrial applications, Fitzgerald offers the Urban range of LED luminaires in three shape options, made from sturdy materials with an impact-resistant prismatic lighting diffuser of polycarbonate. These models combine efficient operation with durability and rugged features, while the Hi-Bay models can provide high power LED lighting at mounting heights of 5 metres or more. Also available are long-lasting, heavy duty and dustproof models, which can be mounted directly onto ceilings and walls or externally under a canopy, and rugged industrial units for factories and warehouses.

Emergency Lighting

We stock Fitzgerald Lighting options for emergency applications, including Exit boxes, bulkhead lighting for defined escape routes, emergency exits and building perimeters, and a range of emergency spotlights in both recessed and surface-mounted options.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting

Fitzgerald Lighting options are available for a variety of indoor applications such as offices, receptions, nursing homes and schools, and are offered in attractive and efficient styles, some with backlight. High energy LED lights can be supplied in both bulkhead and fully enclosed versions suitable for wash-rooms, store rooms or corridors. Fitzgerald also offers a range of bold, contemporary downlights for meeting rooms, board rooms or walkways.

For the outdoor environment, offerings include single to quadruple floodlight systems, heavy duty water-resistant LED floods, illuminated bollard fixtures and several vandal-resistant options.

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