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Flexicon is a medium-sized SME with an annual turnover of some £12 million, incorporated in 1999 and based in Birmingham. They are leading global manufacturers of flexible conduits and connectors and have an international presence stretching across Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Eight years ago Flexicon Pty set up successful operations in Australia, and the company network serves the commercial and industrial sectors in over 55 countries. In September 2017 Flexicon was acquired by the Atkore International Group, and contributes its expertise to a continual investment in product development and expansion of its catalogue.

Flexicon Products

Flexicon products cover a broad spectrum of applications, including manufacturing and construction, military and marine defence, railways and hazardous environments.

Metal Conduit

There are more than 34 different types of metal conduit in the Flexicon portfolio, ranging in size from 10-75mm, and manufactured in stainless or galvanised steel. Conduits are available with an optional range of coverings or over-braiding. Key features include high impact and compression strength, wide temperature tolerances and EMC screening performance. Metal conduit is suitable for many applications and operating environments, and will maintain system integrity even in extreme or heavy duty conditions.

Non-Metallic Conduit

Non-metallic conduit comes in over 26 different versions, to suit all types of application. Flexible and lightweight conduit systems range in size from 10-106mm, and are manufactured from various materials with different protective properties. These non-corrosive and highly flexible conduits are easy to cut, and are also available in slit versions for easy and fast installation. They can be used for retrofit applications in a wide diversity of environments and moved without the least impact on system performance.

Conduit Fittings

The range of available fittings includes metallic or nylon fixing clips, locknuts, threaded couplers and elbow joints, sealing washers, shake proof earthing washers, nylon stop plugs, rubber end caps, male to female thread converters, reducers and enlargers, cable glands, abrasion rings and tinned copper braided sleeving for EMC screening. For non-metallic conduit, Flexicon also offer their new ULTRA™ fitting with a one piece, single action push, twist and seal.

Hazardous Area Products

Flexicon's new range of advanced high performance flexible conduit solutions have been specially designed for hazardous areas and demanding applications. Resistant to flammable substances such as mist, vapours, gases and dust that might create an explosive atmosphere, these industry approved products are ideal for flour mills, distilleries, petrochemical and refining plants, paint spraying and woodworking plants, sewage and water treatment, garage forecourts and pharmaceutical labs.