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Starting in 1893 with one employee, William Joseph Furse acquired a steeplejacking business in Nottingham which soon expanded and diversified into electrical installation. A switchgear and components workshop was added, followed by lift and theatre equipment engineering services. Despite the privations of the First World War, Furse became a multi-disciplined engineering business, opening subsidiaries in Manchester and London and eventually moving into wholesale electrical and refrigeration.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the company underwent many acquisition and mergers until the retirement from business of the last Furse family member in 1977. Further mergers and acquisitions led to constant changes in the company's structure, until in 1998 Furse became part of the US-based Thomas & Betts corporation, which in 2012 was acquired by ABB. The ABB Group operates in 100 or more countries worldwide, employing around 145,000 people, so Furse products continue to benefit from ABB's extensive network.

Furse Products

Lightning Protection

Structural lightning protection uses various conductor systems, including Flat Tape or Stranded cable and Wire Tape, available in aluminium or copper. These can either be installed as is or with a choice of PVC, LSOH, lead and anti-vandal coverings. For additional protection, Rowse can supply Furse bimetallic tinned copper tape, and braided copper tape where more flexibility is required. The less conspicuous Solid Circular conductors are also available in aluminium or copper, stranded copper and PVC insulated versions. Furse conductors are supported by a complete range of appropriate fittings, including clamps, clips, holdfasts, roof fixings and bimetallic connectors, together with accessories to enable proper air termination, including air rods, bases brackets and saddles, and free standing air termination units.


Earthing is vital for the safe and effective dispersion of electrical lightning current into the ground. At Rowse, we supply Furse earth connection components such as solid copper Earth Rods, or steel-cored rods with a stainless or copper-bonded finish. The copper-bonded steel cored is the most popular type of rod, combining good corrosion resistance with strength at a comparatively low cost. Accessories for installation include Earth Hammers and Rigs, plates and Lattices, Inspection Pits, Backfill materials and Earth Resistance test equipment.

Electronic Systems Protection

21st-century society is heavily reliant on electronic systems to run all aspects of home and business activity. To keep these running efficiently and continuously, the Furse range of system protectors includes protection for Specific Systems, for Telecoms and Computer Lines, Data and Signals, Mains Power and all necessary accessories.



  • Lightning Protection
  • Earthing
  • Electronic Systems Protection

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