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The Hager Group was founded in 1955 in Saarland, Germany by three members of the Hager family. They were successful in developing some innovative electrical components, such as the rotary fuse carrier, and today continue the tradition of creative electrical solutions and services for all types of installation. These range from energy distribution, to building automation and lighting control and connections. The Hager Group takes pride in working closely with its customers to create individual design solutions, with a mission focus on services and designs that are smart, energy saving and eco-efficient.

Hager is still an independent company, family-owned and run by CEO Daniel Hager, the son and grandson of the three founders, and continues its tradition of industry innovation. With its base in Blieskastel, Germany, the company's 11,400 worldwide employees generate an annual turnover of ?1.9 billion. Production takes place in 25 locations spread around the globe, including the UK, with loyal Hager customers located in more than 136 countries. Hager Powertech was founded in the UK in 1985, and fields a well-established team for research and global development, with an award-winning on-site laboratory.

Hager Products

Rowse is an authorised stockist for many innovative Hager products and power distribution systems.

Energy Distribution

Hager Energy Distribution products include a range of aesthetically pleasing and efficient consumer units designed for domestic power distribution, with inbuilt features for safety and simple installation. Also available is a range of Enclosures, with options including DIN rails, steel doors, weather-proof units and meter boxes. For commercial premises, Hager supplies a variety of larger panel distribution boards, together with fuse combination switches, switch disconnectors and many modular safety, metering and protection units.

Wiring Accessories

At Rowse, we stock Hager's Sollysta range of wiring accessories, with a selection of decorative solutions for any domestic or commercial project. This hallmark product offers a number of design preferences, plus unique features such as moulded cable lead-ins, a neutral loop terminal located on the switch, backed off and captive terminal screws, and a patented shutter mechanism for additional safety.

Building Automation

With a range of solutions from the simplest light and shutter control to complex automation systems for entire buildings, Hager offers modular control units and programmable software, including photocells, motion sensors, heating and blinds systems, timers and energy meters.

Lighting, Connection & Controls

We can supply Hager LED lighting units with integrated infrared sensors, which can easily replace existing light fittings, including exterior lights. Control units include motion and presence detectors, and an entire electro-mechanical plug-in system for secure lighting and connection control. The patented Klik system utilises a lighting control module in combination with Hager wall switches, occupancy sensors and integrated software, for absolute safety without circuit isolation.



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