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Harting was founded in 1945 as an everyday mechanical workshop, by husband and wife team Wilhelm and Marie Harting, the grandparents of its current managers. Wilhelm Harting conceived and developed a common, robust and easy-to-use connector for widespread use, the Han® connector, which has since become a global standard product. This family-owned and run company is proud to be into its third generation of independent management, and today is one of the foremost German technological groups in the world. The company is a leading supplier of connectivity technology for industry, particularly in respect of power, data and signalling, and provides customised solutions across a wide range of applications.

The Harting Technology Group has its company HQ in Espelkamp, Germany and employs some 4,600 people worldwide, with 13 production sites and 44 sales companies across the world. They established a UK base more than 30 years ago, and registered their 2016/17 turnover for the whole Group as 672 million euros. The original goal was to make everyday life easier, but Wilhelm Harting's strength in innovation, and his entrepreneurial vision and commitment helped the firm develop into a global success.

Harting Products

Rowse has been a Harting stockist for many years, and we are able to supply the core products for which this brand is famous.

Electrical Connectors

Electrical Technology Connectors from Harting include the Han-Modular® range, which permits the combination of many different transmission media and different contact types, housed in a single connector. Modules can be selected to handle different types of signal, and will also accommodate multi-media connectors with combined data, signal and power connections.

Industrial Connectors

Harting's Industrial Connectors are designed for use in all industrial applications requiring a removable and safe electrical connection. They are available in multiple configurations, with male or female contacts, screw fittings, pin and reel or protected contacts, with each option offering many different sizes. Their modular construction means quick and easy assembly, long life and an almost inexhaustible flexibility. These connectors are lightweight and compact. They can be configured to a wide variety of applications, and integrated with smart technology to offer extra functionality, such as energy measurement, surge protection and machinery identification.


The Han-Modular® series also includes inserts for pneumatic modules; a wide range of male and female pneumatic contacts in metal or thermoplastic couplings, with or without valves, and angled or straight connections. All connectors come with a range of hoods and housings to fit every requirement.


For optimum performance and to ensure the best installation, maintenance and repair capability of their products, Harting also produces a dedicated range of tools. These include screwdrivers and punches for connector assembly, tools for stripping and removing wires, and tools and machines for crimping.



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