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Jokab Safety was originally founded in 1988, after almost two decades of research into machine safety. The company developed many innovative products and machine safety solutions, sat on several international machine safety standards committees, and worked on the day-to-day practical application of combining safety and product requirements. When automation was introduced, Jokab was involved in the design and production of new safety solutions for industrial robots and automated systems. Safety devices were developed with sensors to stop systems in the event of a fault or accident, connection of safety devices was made more reliable, and safety inputs were installed on the machines themselves.

In March 2010, Jokab Safety was acquired by ABB, expanding their influence and sales network over 120 countries. ABB Jokab Safety now boasts more than 20 years of hands-on experience worldwide, incorporating the design, engineering, manufacture, and application of all safety products, from individual electronic safety components to safety lights and fencing, and entire machine safety systems.

Jokab Safety Products

At Rowse we are pleased to be an ABB Jokab Safety Stockist, and can supply a wide range of Jokab products.

Safety Controllers

Jokab Safety Controllers include both the Pluto programmable safety controller and the Vital safety controller, which allows up to 30 safety devices to be connected in series. The Pluto concept uses safe StatusBus connections to enable simple communication, control and programming, simplifying the connection between cabinets and reducing cabling. Pluto Safety PLCs are available for all kinds of machine safety applications, including encoders for safe position determination and communication gateways.

The Vital Controller is a simple solution for connecting up to 30 safety devices in series, without needing several safety relays or a programmable controller. It's very useful for smaller machine safety systems.

Safety Relays

We are a Jokab Safety Stockist for the Sentry series of easy-to-use yet powerful safety relays. These relays can be fitted in all common types of safety application, with basic models for easy output expansion and simple applications, and highly flexible, configurable models for more advanced safety solutions. Some models have extremely precise timer functions for safety devices that need to be monitored.

Optical Safety Devices

Rowse can supply a range of Jokab optical safety devices, including single photoelectric beams, light curtains and light grids, covering several operating ranges. These devices automatically detect any presence in their protected optical field and require no machine operator input. Simple light curtains are basic finger or hand detectors for basic applications, while light grids offer body detection and may include more advanced functions, such as muting and/or blanking.

Emergency Stops and Pilot Devices

Jokab Safety emergency stop and pilot devices permit anyone to stop a machine, or automated system, in the event of failure or perceived danger. Different types of emergency stop are available for different types of environment and mounting, including push button boxes, compact and enclosure installations, and those for extreme environments. Pull wire emergency stop switches are also available, allowing emergency command to be instituted at any point along the length of installed wire.

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