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Kopex International was originally formed in Slough in January 1947, and traded then as Uni-Tubes Limited, who developed the Kopex machine. This pioneering application was capable of processing many different types of strip material and forming it into convoluted tubing for use in electrical and other engineering sectors. In 2010, Kopex was acquired by Thomas & Betts, a North American electrical corporation founded in 1898, who themselves then became a member of the multinational ABB Group.

ABB operates in four major global divisions, spread between heavy electrical equipment, power management, automation technology and robotics. The multinational conglomerate is now headquartered in Zurich, and has an annual turnover approaching $30bn. ABB has been on the Fortune 500 global list for more than 24 years, and in 2018 ranked at #341.

Kopex Products

The Kopex brand from ABB is still renowned as a world leader in metallic and non-metallic conduits, together with a full range of complementary fittings and accessories. As a valued partner working with ABB, we at Rowse are pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of Kopex conduits and associated fixtures.

Liquid Tight Conduit

Various types of Kopex Liquid Tight Conduit include PVC-Covered conduit with a Galvanised Steel Core, High Temperature and Low Fire Hazard Liquid Tight Conduit and a Flexible Conduit in Covered Steel for Enhanced Fire Performance. The Low Fire Hazard options include a String-Packed Stainless Steel Core with fire protective covering, while a similar option for High Temperatures has a String-Packed Stainless Steel Core covered with Thermoplastic Rubber. A special UL/CSA Listed version with a Heavy Galvanised Steel Core is available for use in the North American markets. Most Kopex conduits have high UV resistance and function in a wide range of temperatures, with higher performance options available for areas where public safety is critical. Liquid-Tight Conduit is very widely used in the food and beverage industries, and other applications such as rail traction and power generation.

Liquid Resistant Conduit

Kopex Liquid Resistant Conduit from ABB is very similar to the Liquid Tight versions but with lower tolerances, and is generally suitable for use in electrical applications such as Under-floor and access wiring, Cable Track and Lighting and General OEM Machinery. Liquid-Tight and Resistant Conduits are available in a wide range of sizes from 1/4" to 2" (10-63mm) nominal diameter and in lengths up to 50m.

Conduit Fittings and Couplings

Kopex Conduits are supported by a range of accessories, including Straight, Swivel and Elbow Fittings at both 45° and 90°, Liquid Tight Fittings designed for Covered Conduits and Conduit Terminators. Additional fittings also include P-Clip Conduit Supports to help maintain the system integrity, Hexagonal Locknuts in Nickel-Plated Brass or Stainless Steel, and EX d e Couplers for us in Hazardous or Explosive Environments.



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