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Founder Lorenz Naimer and partner Franz Kraus established a small electrical workshop in Vienna in 1907, as manufacturers of electrical devices. The company developed over more than a century into the undisputed global market leader for electrical cam switches, and has set industry standards in the field of switch disconnectors. It was one of the first to manufacture Bakelite switches, and revolutionised switchgear technology in 1949, with its modularly designed cam switches. Its current products offer economically and technically optimised solutions for almost every imaginable application.

Since 1960 Kraus & Naimer began to expand globally, starting in Germany and moving on to production sites in Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, USA and Hungary. With an additional production facility established in Austria, the group now operates eight factories and owns 18 worldwide marketing subsidiaries. Kraus & Naimer employs approximately 900 people globally, with an annual manufacturing output of some 4.3 million switches.

Kraus & Naimer Products

Kraus & Naimer products deliver uncompromising quality at the highest possible technical standards. They're the innovative designers of the world's smallest ever cam switch.


At Rowse we supply a full range of Kraus & Naimer switches, including the classic cam switch, available in all current ratings. Specific models in the CA Series offer solutions for a wide variety of control and load situations, including low voltage applications for electronic signals, finger-proof screw or ring-type terminals and gold-plated contacts that guarantee reliable switching in even the most difficult and aggressive environments. K&N also offer pre-configured main switches, push buttons and pilot lights, and customised switches on demand.

Switch Disconnectors

A new range of reliable DC switch disconnectors has been specifically designed to meet the growing requirement for solar photovoltaic power systems. These are available in a choice of amperages and voltages, and come in a completely insulated enclosure. Enclosures have padlockable handles with a high degree of protection, and can be installed in even the harshest operating environments. The DC series is complemented by a similar AC range.

Safety Switches

This collection of switch disconnectors is produced in tough, durable, insulated plastic enclosures, with optional UV-resistance or protection for aggressive environments. The enclosures have safety switch interlocks, with a lid to prevent any opening of the enclosure in the 'ON' position. All enclosures have a ground terminal, with auxiliary contacts that open and close before and after the opening and closing of the main contacts.

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