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Lumitec was founded in 2007 by its president John Kujawa, an engineering graduate of Stanford University whose early career was based in Silicon Valley. Since then, Lumitec has grown from a small high-tech start-up to an international market leader in LED lighting products, leveraging new technologies to promote innovation and high-value products. In 2018, the company was included in the Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest-growing companies for the seventh year running, and in 2019 was named the 'Preferred Supplier of Choice' by the American Boatbuilders Association.

In April 2019 Lumitec announced a partnership with Truck-Lite, a company established in 1955 with the invention of the first fully sealed trailer lighting products. Truck-Lite also developed the first sealed LED lamps and forward lighting, and has gained a global reputation in providing lighting solutions for commercial, marine and military vehicles. Lumitec's relationship with Truck-Lite enables it to broaden its access to international suppliers and new technologies, expand its global sales reach, and strengthen its ability to deliver outstanding value and customer satisfaction. Innovation and technology continue to drive Lumitec, with its high-tech heritage facilitating a continued R&D investment in quality lighting solutions.

Lumitec Products

At Rowse we can supply a range of innovative Lumitec products for land and marine applications, all maintaining a reputation for fail-safe reliability and high performance.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater lighting from Lumitec comes in a variety of options, including Surface or Through-Hull mounting, Dock or Pontoon mounting, Mini versions and LED or colour combinations in high lumen levels. Through-Hull underwater lights can deliver up to 10,000 lumens in white – for search and rescue applications – while LED surface mounted lights are available in dual colour white and blue, or full spectrum colour options.

Flood Lighting

Lumitec offers a wide range of precision-engineered Scene/Flood and Spreader Lights, that give outstanding performance in even the harshest of conditions. These high-powered and high-tech LED lighting solutions eclipse the capacity of old fashioned halogen lighting systems to offer enduring quality for both marine and terrestrial locations. Lumitec Flood Lights are completely water sealed, constructed in high quality cast metal (usually bronze) and have aluminium housings which can withstand tough environmental conditions. There are many optional features which include flashing and dimming modes and multiple colour output choices.

Down Lights

Lumitec Down Lights for marine applications are available in a range of flush-mounted options, with a selection of output colours, and versatile features such as flashing, dimming, synchronised flashing and colour changes. Square, round and positionable lights are offered for cabin installation, delivering high power in a quality design.

Navigation Lights

We can supply a range of Lumitec navigation lights, including surface-mounted options for retrofitting and new installations, which are available in a composite or aluminium housing. Alternatively, the Lumitec series of innovative and easily integrated Contour lights allows fast and seamless installation on arches, tops and pilothouses. Contour selections for navigation include a Drop-In, Inset or Combination Navigation-Docking Light, while there is also an option for a shaft-mounted Anchor Navigation Light.

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