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Mersen as it stands today is the product of almost 130 years of experience in the electrical and power business, beginning with two separate French companies manufacturing electric motors and motor brushes. The two companies expanded internationally, and in 1937 they merged to form Groupe Carbone Lorraine. Over the succeeding decades, the company changed its focus from simple motors and automobile applications, to more direct power and energy-related fields. They recorded their first sales in wind and solar energy in 2005, and exchanged interests in domestic electrical products and transport, for power electronics and over-voltage protection.

Carbone Lorraine changed its company name in 2010 to Mersen after becoming more invested in China. After acquiring several major lighting and over-voltage companies, Mersen now has a presence in 35 countries worldwide, with 53 industrial sites and almost 7,000 employees. The company fields 15 R&D centres, and is dedicated to finding sustainable power solutions for many global applications. Mersen has invested 6m Euro in the environment and claims that half of its sales are linked to sustainable development.

Mersen Products

Mersen is a global leader in devices for over-voltage protection, with a comprehensive product line of surge protection systems, equipment and components.


At Rowse, we stock a comprehensive line of general purpose Mersen fuses, fuse systems and fuse gear, both for the European (IEC approved) and North American (UL/CSA approved) markets. Historically, Mersen has always been a market leader in fuses for the protection of DIN systems, and today supplies D and D0 fuse gear and links, as well as NH Switch Fuse Disconnectors, and a full range of classes in NH power fuses. We can also supply cylindrical fuses, all types of fuse holders and a range of miniature fuse gear for low powered electronic applications.

In addition, Mersen offers an extensive line of compact IEC disconnect switches, both fusible and non-fusible and ranging in amperage from 16A to 4000A, plus enclosed switch disconnectors and power distribution blocks. We offer a comprehensive range of Mersen high speed and high performance fuse gear, as well as custom fuses, configured panels and bus bars. Further, Mersen also produce special purpose fuse gear such as telecommunications fuses, cable and welder protectors and capacitor fuses, as well as HelioProtection PV products for use in photovoltaic applications.

Lightning Protection

Mersen offers a range of lightning arresters for protection against external over-voltage surges. These have been successfully deployed in railway networks, and have an early warning system to disconnect live systems in the event of a lightning strike. Surge traps are also available for use with HVAC systems and machine control panels.

Surge Protection

The company offers a patented TPMOV (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor) failsafe device, with internal voltage monitoring and clamping. An arc shield securely disconnects the metal oxide disc from the system power if any over-voltage breakdown occurs. This technology is also offered in Mersen's comprehensive selection of pluggable and modular surge protection devices, which can be mounted directly onto walls, panels, PCBs or DIN Rails.



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