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ROBUS is the leading brand of lighting solutions produced by the LED Group, the top brand in the Irish market and one of the top three in the UK. Known as LED Group ROBUS, this family owned Irish company was founded in 1984, and has grown to have a strong global presence. With its HQ in Dublin, ROBUS has branch offices in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and China, employing over 200 people in more than 40 countries worldwide,

Named the LED Group before LED lighting was even heard of, this fast-paced family concern were the first lighting company to import from China into Britain and Ireland. ROBUS shows continuing foresight in embracing new and emerging technologies, and their success lies in providing quality and innovation at a competitive market price, In addition to a strong R&D element, the most important part of ROBUS is its customer base. The company displays an unfailing commitment to customer needs and the provision of top quality service.

ROBUS Products

At Rowse we are pleased to supply a wide range of lighting products from ROBUS, for all situations and environments, including smart homes.

Domestic Lighting

ROBUS Downlights create a cosy atmosphere in any room, while Spotlights can highlight all sorts of preferred features. ROBUS Track Lighting is an ideal modern solution for mounting several ceiling spots, with up to 15 tracks joined together in a variety of configurations. Selectable Downlights allow light colour changes, while Dimmable Downlights offer variations in colour temperature. For the kitchen and bathroom, select from Downlights, Striplights, Spots, or special fixtures such as Shaver lights or Under-Cabinet tubes.

Commercial Lighting

The wide variety of ROBUS commercial lighting available from Rowse includes LED lights with fittings that are functional, practical and economical, in Highbay, Lowbay, Batten and Panel styles. An extensive choice of sizes is offered, together with colour temperature options. Panel fixtures can be Direct or Indirect, Rectangular or Round, or in a Corrosion-Proof tubular option. ROBUS also produces LED Street Lights and Corrosion-Proof Harbour lighting for wet outdoor environments.

Outdoor Lighting

ROBUS outdoor lights provide long life, high output without heat, and low energy consumption. They are ideal for use as emergency or safety lights, for external passageways or gardens, and for paths, driveways and patios. A choice of surface finishes is offered, as well as options for Bulkhead, Lantern or Surface styles. At Rowse we can supply ROBUS Floodlights, Bollards, Pathfinders, Steplights and Ground fittings, as well as Garden Spikes and Spotlights.

Smart Home Lighting Control

Lighting controls are available for the smart home. These enable the lights to be turned on and off automatically, and can adjust the amount of light output. Rowse can provide many innovative and reliable ROBUS lighting controls for external and internal use. Adjustable fittings with Passive Infrared detectors can be used to detect motion or occupancy, for security lighting whether the home is occupied or vacant. Control accessories include LED Drivers, Transformers and Swift Connectors, as well as Daylight Harvesting Sensors and Grid Dimmers.