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Rolec was established in 1990 for the design and manufacture of electrical products for outdoor use. They have become a leading worldwide specialist. These include equipment for charging, connection, distribution and electrical hook-up. Rolec Services has a global distribution network that supports representatives in more than 40 countries. Their product range continues to expand.

Today Rolec employs more than 100 people, and has subdivided into four dedicated product divisions covering the marine, leisure, power and EV sectors. Rolec EV now has the largest range of EV equipment in Europe, and in November 2019 provided the commercial charging points for First York's fleet of electrically powered buses.

Rolec EV products

Rowse stocks a range of quality Rolec EV products, from low-cost entry-level home charging solutions, to sophisticated workplace units. The company has designed its products to provide all modes and types of EV charging, in all common locations. Rolec also offers many advanced options, such as RFID features and a simple pay-to-charge option which can be securely activated via smartphone.

Home EV charging points

Rolec EV home charging solutions include their WallPod EV products, covering everything from smart chargers to solar-powered units. The latest WallPod EV HomeSmart, for example, is an interactive unit that's fully controllable with a smartphone app, including activation and the monitoring and recording of charging activity. The full range of WallPod EV units offer charging in various types and modes, so they are easily upgradable to a more advanced solution.

The WallPod EV SolarCharge is specially designed for home solar charging, and its array of features includes a choice of charge from either domestic solar panels, or the National Grid, or both.

EV also makes WallPod MultiMode charging units, which are designed to offer a full range of charging options, as well as charging cables and other accessories such as carry bags.

Workplace EV charging points

We can supply a full range of Rolec EV charging points for commercial locations, including car parks, factories, warehouses, offices, restaurants, and more. These include an entry-level multi-mode design that offers tethered, socket and fast charging options. The SecuriCharge EV Wall Unit is a heavy-duty, more robust unit, specifically manufactured to be vandal-resistant and used in exposed locations where its socket(s) can be securely locked away.

Rolec EV also offers AutoCharge and Classic Pedestal units, and the advanced Quantum EV Pedestal. This has integral LED amenity lighting, and the capability for smart integration.

On-Street EV charging points

The EV AutoCharge and Quantum EV Pedestal units are both available for public locations, while the StreetCharge model combines EV charging with street lighting. Also available is the more robust StreetServ EV Charging Post, which offers a vandal-resistant solution for high-risk areas, such as town centres and car parks.

EV charging point testers

The unique EV ChargeCheck is a unit designed for electricians, so that all types and modes of British EV FastCharging stations can be accurately and comprehensively tested.

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