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Turck Banner Ltd was formed in 1990 as a UK joint venture company, in an equal partnership between Hans Turck GmbH from Germany and the Banner Engineering Corp from America. Hans Turck GmbH was originally founded by two brothers in 1960 and has grown to a major group operation with more than 28 subsidiaries. Banner Engineering Corp was founded in 1966 in Minneapolis, where Turck also had their first international base. Turck Banner Ltd therefore forms part of a worldwide network of subsidiary companies and sales representatives spanning more than 60 countries.

Turck Banner products are widely used by all sorts of global manufacturing applications, including machine tools, electronics, automotive parts, conveyors, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing, metals, chemicals and utility services. The company is highly regarded for its innovative products and excellent customer service, with the back-up of a dedicated support team boasting over 100 years' worth of combined experience.

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At Rowse we can supply a vast selection of Turck Banner sensors, including Capacitive Sensors for detecting conductive or non-conductive materials, liquid or solid, Inductive Sensors for all metallic objects and Magnetic Field Sensors for position detection in pneumatic pistons. Also available are contactless Photoelectric and Ultrasonic Sensors, Radar Sensors to detect stationary and moving vehicles, Linear Position Sensors, rotary Encoders, and Sensors for detecting angles of Inclination, Temperature, Pressure and Flow. The Sensor range from Turck Banner is supported by a full spectrum of accessories, including accessories for safe and simple mounting, functional accessories and actuators, and safety accessories for protecting sensors against excess mechanical loads.

Fieldbus Connectors

A substantial Turck Banner fieldbus portfolio includes I/O systems and modules for applications in both standard and hazardous environments, with items available in IP20 protection rating for cabinet mounting and IP67 protection class for field installation. Many types of Fieldbus connection are supplied by Rowse, including PROFIBUS-PA and -DP, DeviceNet, Foundation fieldbus, Modbus RTU/ASCII and CANopen. Ethernet protocols are offered in Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP and there is a full range of Accessories.

Machine Safety

Machine Safety is of primary importance in the manufacturing environment, and we can supply a full range of Turck Banner products to ensure full safety is maintained in every environment. Safety systems include Safety I/O Modules and Controllers, Mechanical Safety Interlock Switches, Two-Hand Controls and Emergency Stops. Also available are Safety Light Screens. Laser Scanners and Relays, and mounting accessories such as Brackets, Enclosures and Corner Mirrors.

Power Supplies

Turck Banner Power Supplies operate on a universal voltage input, so they can be used worldwide in various different networks. They offer a high level of operational reliability, good energy balance and a wide temperature range, and can be field or DIN rail-mounted.

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