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The WEG company was founded in Brazil in 1961. Originally called Eletromotores Jaraguá, it combined the knowledge and skills of its three founders: an electrician, a mechanic and an administrator. After a period of successful growth, the company founders, Werner, Eggon and Geraldo, decided to change its name to WEG. The first exports to surrounding South American countries commenced in 1970, and in 1976 WEG opened its first office in Germany. A branch was opened in the USA in 1991, followed by branches in Germany, England, Spain, France and Sweden, and by 1999 WEG was exporting 29% of its whole production. WEG now has manufacturing plants in 11 countries worldwide and sales offices in 29 countries. It employs over 31,000 staff and is renowned as one of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical equipment.

WEG started out producing electric motors, but began to diversify in the 1980s to become a leading supplier of entire industrial electrical systems. They are an ethically-led company who created an educational programme for their employees in 1968, planted their first reforestation park in 1972 and promote sustainability. In 2011 WEG began manufacturing wind turbines and in 2012 supplied and installed the first wind power generation equipment at a Brazilian wind farm.

WEG Products

Electric Motors

At Rowse we can supply a wide range of WEG Electric Motors, which includes Low Voltage IEC or NEMA Motors, Medium/High Voltage Induction Motors, Synchronous Motors, IEC Hazardous Area Motors, DC Motors and Motors for Special Applications such as Drilling, Fan and Exhaust, Smoke Extraction and Marine. Also available are Modular and Brake Motors, Permanent Magnet Motors, Process and Single Phase Motors and Motors that are Water Cooled or WIMES Compliant. Motors can be Definite or General Purpose, and Hazardous Area Motors include Flameproof, Dust Ignition Proof and Increased Safety versions.


WEG Drives comprise Variable Speed Drives, Legacy Drives, Servodrives and Soft-Starters. VSD options include OEM and General Purpose Drives, System Drives, Drives for Decentralized Solutions, HVAC-R Drives, Micro and Mini Drives and Cabinet Built Drives. Soft-Starters can be either Stand Alone or Cabinet Built, while Servodrives comprise both Drives and Motors. Standard VSDs can also be customised for pumping applications with WEG's Pump Genius Software.

Industrial Automation

We can supply full WEG automation systems suitable for a wide range of applications, such as Energy Generation and Distribution, Water Supply and Treatment, Lamination, Pulp and Paper Processing, Food, Port Management and Civil Construction (Smart Buildings). WEG also manufacture a Programmable Logic Controller with great memory capacity, high processing speed, five built-in communication ports and optional HMI.


The vast selection of WEG Controls includes many choices of Fuses, Contactors, Capacitors, Circuit Breakers, Electronic Relays, Motor Starters and Protection, Push Buttons and Pilot Lights, Disconnect Switches, Terminal Blocks and Legacy Products.



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