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Weidmuller have a global reputation for manufacturing in the field of industrial connectivity, producing a huge range of items for power, signalling and data management.

The company was founded in 1850 and is based in Detmold, Germany. Over the years, the small manufacturer has grown into a global concern with around 5,300 staff members. Operations have been split into specialist divisions covering Device and Field Connectivity, Cabinet Products and Automation Products and Solutions. In 2021 they achieved worldwide sales of €960 million.

Weidmuller Products

At Rowse we are pleased to stock a comprehensive selection of Weidmuller’s core products, covering all kinds of industrial connectivity applications.


Terminal Blocks

Weidmuller terminal blocks include Klippon® push-in terminal blocks with side connection, and three-tier blocks for maximum wiring density. We stock terminal blocks for signal marshalling and test connections, where multiple sensors and/or actuators can be easily connected and disconnected. Connectivity options include snap-in, push-in, screw-in, stud and tension clamp technology. We can supply feed-through terminal blocks, fuse or PE terminal blocks, and blocks with spring-loaded connections.


Rowse stocks many Weidmuller solutions for connecting the control cabinet to field signals, power and data. Options include pre-assembled or field-attachable industrial ethernet connectors for fibre-optic or copper cables, photo-voltaic or circular connectors and heavy-duty connectors.

PCB Terminals and Connectors

At Rowse, we stock many Weidmuller components designed for ethernet-compatible interfaces. The Omnimate® range includes a variety of PCB terminals, with optional built-in plugs or field attachable connectors. The range offers several connectivity options such as clamps, yokes, screws or push-ins.

Enclosure Systems and Components

Weidmuller enclosure systems include economical Klippon® industrial enclosures, enclosures with viewing windows and enclosures specially designed for railway technology used in trains, tracks and tunnels. Products are offered in mild steel, plastic or high-grade stainless steel for harsh or hazardous environments. Many size options are available, including compact versions, and viewing windows can be situated in several convenient positions.

Cable Entry Systems and Components

We can supply whole systems or individual components for Weidmuller’s modular cable entry system. This flexible system offers high IP and UL protection and comes in a variety of mounting options. The modular design incorporates a diverse range of components, including snap-in inlays and a frame or cable gland – easily configured for cable entry cut-outs. Cable glands are available as standard in brass and plastic, plus stainless steel versions for hazardous areas and industrial applications. Cable entry plates are also produced, which can be used to insert wires and cables into control cabinets without plugs.

Cord Sets, Patch Cords and Cables

Weidmuller cords and cables are supplied in variable cable lengths, colours, markings, or plugs. Individual cord sets can be configured according to customer requirements, or we can supply ready-assembled sets for specific applications. These include sensor, power and valve cord sets, ethernet and bus cord sets, connector cord sets and patch cables.

PLC Interfaces and Migration Solutions

Weidmuller produce a range of modules for PLC/DCS interface, as well as offering migration solutions for all the most common manufacturers of PLCs and DCS. PLC/DCS interface options include pre-assembled cables and elements for fuses, relays, LEDs, disconnectors, etc. Weidmuller’s MiBridge migration racks offer manufacturer-specific adaptors and interfaces.

Service Interfaces

Weidmuller makes secure PLC access simple with their FrontCom® service entry systems. A single or double lockable frame offers power and communication inserts, with various closing mechanisms and many configurations of insert plate. Additional options include data and signal input shielding, variable security levels and a Micro version for compact data access.

Distribution Boxes

Weidmuller distribution boxes provide full protection for power and signals to decentralised transmission environments. Flexible, modular solutions are available in many types and configurations, including sensor-actuator distribution boxes. These include special versions like M12 power distributors, lightweight ergonomic M8-SAI distributors, and robust options for EX zones. We can also supply Weidmuller FieldPower® distribution boxes for use in energy protection, switching and branching applications.


Relay Modules & Solid-State Relays

Rowse are pleased to stock a large selection of solid-state relays and modules in Weidmuller’s Klippon® Relay range. These cover many industrial applications, including reliable power and signal switching, amplification and testing. Relay options include sensor isolation and timing functions, specific functional safety and signal adaptation relays. Relays are also available for special and high power loads, as well as specially designed relays for high switching frequencies.

Analogue Signal Conditioning

Weidmuller products can be invaluable in converting analogue applications to automation. We stock a range of converter and monitoring relays for signal conversion and data communication. These include options for increased safety protection, slim and terminal block versions, and multifaceted versions for maximum flexibility. Also available are a signal isolator unit and bridge measuring transducer.

Power Supplies

Rowse stocks a comprehensive selection of Weidmuller power supplies, to cover all levels of industrial demand. The flexible modular design is available in three performance classes and future-proof communication options. Continuous power can be provided with switched-mode or uninterruptible power supplies, and selective load monitoring is possible with intelligent power management systems. We can also supply Weidmuller DC to DC converters, communication modules and redundancy and diode modules.

Electronics Housings

Weidmuller have designed a range of reliable enclosures for protecting electronic devices and components. These include small housings for miniature applications, flexible profile housings and a wide range of modular options.

Lightning and Surge Protection

Weidmuller offers both standard and customised products for lightning and surge protection. Their Varitector series offers protection for energy systems, data interfaces and instrumentation and control components.

Fieldbus Distributors

A range of Weidmuller fieldbus distributors for connecting smart field devices are available from Rowse. Options include trunk line limiters and a selection of bus options such as Profibus, Modbus, and Foundation fieldbus. Also available are FBcon fieldbus distributors with EMC cable glands, and a Profibus option for hazardous environments.

Automation & Software


Weidmuller’s range of high-performance, modular hardware enables large, small or network control solutions to be flexibly implemented. Control products include a range of modular control solutions for IoT applications and industrial automation, with optional expansion modules.

Industrial PCs

Weidmuller high-performance industrial and panel PCs enable machines and systems to be flexibly operated, controlled and monitored. Scaleable features are available for control, visualisation and IoT applications, together with passive cooling and wall- or rail-mounting options. Also available are slim-housing industrial panel monitor units, with multi-touch technology.

I/O Systems

Weidmuller have designed a range of remote I/O systems for transmitting signals and data, which can be directly positioned for signal connection in the field. These are available for IP20 and IP67 applications as well as a pure panel system.

Industrial Ethernet

Rowse stocks a full product range of Weidmuller industrial ethernet solutions. These provide networked devices for industrial data transmission, enabling safe communication between field and control. Network components include both managed and unmanaged switches, with a wide variety of media options and port counts. Also available are VPN-enabled security routers, IoT or protocol gateways, media converters, industrial WLAN, plus antennas and accessories.

Touch Panels

Weidmuller’s range of touch panels from Rowse offer intuitive operation and visualisation for HMI applications. Web-based scalable software allows for future-proofing, with options including the BasicLine, EcoLine and Advanced Line models.

Engineering and Visualisation Tools

Rowse can supply Weidmuller web-based engineering tools and software for many applications. Design and visualisation tools are supported by embedded hardware and SCADA options. These enable customisable control elements and fully adaptive design.

Measuring and Monitoring Systems

Intelligent modular hardware and software solutions are offered by Weidmuller for all levels of energy management. Hardware components include Industrial IoT sensors, energy meters, loggers and analysers, current transformers, plug-and-play boxes and EM connectivity boxes. These are supported by web visualisation software, measurement displays and tools for recording and monitoring energy flows.


Modified and Assembled Enclosures

Weidmuller’s standard catalogue enclosures in the Klippon® Protect range are assembled from standard components, but they can also be individually configured for custom-specific enclosure applications. Options include components for explosive and hazardous environments, railway applications and fire-rated terminal boxes. Enclosures can be configured for monitoring and safety, instrumentation and control and power distribution.

Workplace & accessories


At Rowse, we stock many durable, ergonomic, quality Weidmuller tools, such as cutters, strippers, screwdrivers, pliers and advanced crimping tools. Also available are tool chests, sets, cases, and testing tools.

Automatic machines

Weidmuller’s award-winning automatic machines include options for separate cutting and stripping, combined stripping and crimping, wire processing and an automated rail assembler for terminal strips.


We can supply Weidmuller support software for planning, marking and printing, as well as complete workplace solutions for various industrial applications.


Weidmuller products include a complete marking system for every task or product. Solutions are available for individual or large series items, in plastic or metal, and include terminal markers, wire and cable markers, and device markers. UV-resistant materials are available, as well as laser-printed metal markers for harsh environments. Detectable marking systems are also supplied for safe identification in the food processing industry.


To complement Weidmuller’s software and marking systems, we can supply MCP plotters, inkjet and thermal transfer printers, plus automated rail-laser markers.

Industry Lights

Rowse supplies a wide range of Weidmuller industrial LED lighting, The Weidmuller Industry Light (WIL) range provides economical high-protection field lighting for devices and control cabinets. The FieldPower® LED range is designed for lighting applications in harsh environments, and offers resistance to temperature, dirt, moisture, vibration and shock.

Cabinet Infrastructure

Control cabinet infrastructure incorporates protection for vital electronic components against dirt, dust, heat and cold. Weidmuller’s thermal management systems from Rowse include filter fans, heaters, and control units to regulate the cabinet’s internal environment.



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