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ABB Safety Fencing Case Study

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 13-09-2018

When a local manufacturer required assistance with a safety upgrade, who should they approach but the Southwest's Machinery Safety Experts? Read on to see how Rowse helped to safeguard their premises, ensuring that machine operators...

Siemens LOGO! Case Study

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 30-08-2018

When a HVAC manufacturer needed help with their design of a refrigerant leak detection control panel Rowse were the company they asked for assistance. Having extensive knowledge of control and automation products we were ideally positioned...

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Welcome to our Case Studies blog at Rowse. Here you can read about real-life situations where we’ve helped our clients and customers with an installation or engineering issue. We enjoy sharing our professional experiences with you, so you can see how we work.

We’ll publish some narratives of actual scenarios and technical problems that we’ve encountered in the field. The case studies discuss what kind of problems we've been invited to analyse by our customers or clients, and how we ultimately addressed them. Studying these real-life events can offer insights to those of you who might be undergoing similar issues. You can also join us in analysing realistic situations that you may not be able to experience first-hand.

Some of our clients require specialist design or installation assistance with particular technology; our Siemens Logo! case study is an example. In this instance, our clients called on our extensive technical knowledge and experience of control and automation products to help them design a new installation. Others might require our help with safety risk assessments or upgrades to their facility, such as our case study detailing the analysis and installation of ABB Safety Fencing.

These case studies are based on careful assessment of various premises and situations, and our detailed research into the problems that have been presented. We also provide you with both technical and contextual information that may have a bearing on the outcome. Case studies are designed to illustrate how a problem is tackled and solved, through the examination of multiple perspectives and solutions. These real-world scenarios can help you engage in solving your own authentic problems – and illustrate with hands-on detail how we may be of assistance.

We hope you enjoy reading our case studies, and that we're able to provide you with some valuable insights.