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As industrial automation systems become more complex and more prevalent, machine safety-related issues are an item of ever increasing importance. Human workers need to be more vigorously protected, and the machines themselves need to run in absolute safety in order to prevent damage and reduced efficiency. If you're looking for a machine safety specialist in Plymouth and the Southwest, you need look no further than Rowse. We field a team of experts who can also travel throughout the UK to offer consultation and specialist advice, and we have built up a solid customer base on our principles of friendly service, premium quality and safety first.

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Why Choose Rowse?

At Rowse we are accredited machine safety specialists with over 14 years of experience in the business accrued, since we established the company in 2004. Between them, our team of expert engineers and designers can boast many more years of personal machine safety experience, with many team members who are Certified Machinery Safety Experts. The CMSE is a global safety certification conferred by TÜV Nord, which guarantees the safety, quality and reliability of work carried out by authorised machine safety experts.

Our fully qualified team is available to carry out on-site consultation, where you can be assured of getting the best advice and the most cost-effective solutions to your machine safety issues through a combination of risk assessment and machine safety evaluation. We are a local company with a national reach, who pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient service, top quality products and in-depth technical expertise.

How Can Rowse Help?

At Rowse we not only offer practical advice online or by phone, but our trained personnel can conduct on-site risk assessments for increased machine safety. We have helped many local manufacturers factories in the Plymouth and Southwest area to improve their machine safety status, including a notable consultation in collaboration with leading manufacturers, ABB. Rowse were requested to conduct a risk assessment for a machine safety upgrade, where we successfully designed and installed an ABB safety fencing system. We are fully trained in the use of ABB's SafeCAD software, with which 3D design drawings are quickly created for use in product installation.

Read this safety case study to see how the risk assessment consultation process was carried out, and how it could work for you. On this occasion, our experts at Rowse helped a local business to safeguard their premises, to extend the working life of older but still functional machinery, and to ensure that all their machine operators would be protected against any danger.

Our team of machine safety specialists at Rowse is always pleased to assist our customers with any safety-related concerns. Rowse are able to provide machine safety services such as Machinery Risk assessments, PUWER Assessments (Provision and User of Work Equipment Regulations) and CE marking services for both new and exisiting equipment. As well as offering individually tailored safety solutions for your installation, we specialise in the provision of many safety productsa. We stock safety equipment from leading global manufacturers Siemens and ABB, with a wide variety of products from switches, relays and E-Stops to safety light curtains, controllers and PLCs.

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