Vendor Reduction

Vendor reduction or consolidation is one of those popular phrases which might be slightly baffling to an individual, but more commonly known and practised by a larger-scale purchaser. It describes a strategy of product procurement that involves reducing the number of your current vendors and consolidating your purchasing power. When you think of vendor reduction, therefore, you are simply thinking of cutting down your suppliers to a select few you can trust to provide the best value and reliability.

Benefits of Vendor Reduction

If you are a business buying parts for various purposes, your spending will usually be spread across a selection of different specialist vendors. You may shop around for the best prices, service and quality, but at the end of the day you can't buy a bread roll from a greengrocer or an apple from a baker. That has always been the appeal of the supermarket, which brings together a disparate collection of goods so that you can focus your spending in one place. It saves the time you would otherwise take in traipsing from shop to shop, it saves possible costs in petrol, and it enables the goods to be supplied more cheaply because they're purchased in bulk.

Why Choose Rowse?

When you shop with Rowse you are shopping with a well-known and established business, with considerable standing in Plymouth and the Southwest and outreach to suppliers all over the UK and beyond. Rowse has been in the electrical business for more than 14 years, and the combined know-how of our experts adds up to many more years of experience in the field. Consolidating your purchasing with Rowse will help you to reduce unit costs, improve quality and cut down on freight charges. Instead of having to keep constant track of which supplier gives the best value and service, and accepting that some specialist items must come from specialist suppliers, you can place your faith in us to do the job for you. You will be assured of the top quality products that Rowse is known for, together with our outstanding level of friendly and reliable service.

How Can Rowse Help?

As a member of AIEW (Associated Independent Electrical Wholesalers), Rowse has the buying power of a top national company. We can deploy our team's expert industry knowledge to help your business reduce the number of vendors on whom you currently rely, and take advantage of our own product sources and purchasing power to improve your cost-efficiency and product quality. What we provide at Rowse is vendor reduction in a technical market, where you can centralise your purchasing with a company you trust to offer the highest quality service and product range. Purchasing on your behalf, we can achieve economies of scale that will reduce unit prices and freight costs, and pass these benefits directly on to you, the customer.