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Network Rail Pads Approved Products

There are tens of thousands of products that Network Rail use within their network. All products used by Network Rail go through the Pads (Parts and Drawing System) approval process which tests the product to meet numerous different criteria. There are more than 85,000 products accepted for use on Network Rail's infrastructure.

Pads Approval Process

The Pads Approval Process accepts applications from manufacturers to get their parts tested and added to the list. The manufacturer submits a product acceptance application form which is then considered by Network Rail.

Network Rail will consider the product and manufacturers to see if it would fit within the Network Rail catalogue of parts. If approved the product will then go through a rigorous evaluation process to test the component. Once passed the product is granted a Pads Number and is issued a certificate.

How Can Rowse Help?

At Rowse, our team has over 17 years experience in sourcing and supplying Network Rail approved products to the rail industry. We can help you find the right part and assist with managing the supply of components required for your rail project.

We can also help with supply chain management, utilising vendor reduction Kanban and JIT.

Vendor Reduction

Vendor reduction allows you to have a simplified product acquisition model which will save you time and money. Vendor reduction may not always result in the lowest price possible, but by utilising fewer vendors, you will save large sums of money on shipping, time, sourcing and more.


Kanban is a scheduling system for lean manufacturing. Kanban is one method in which you can achieve a JIT model. Kanban is a visual management method which can simplify a complex supply chain and make it much easier to manage multiple suppliers.

JIT (Just In Time)

Just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing is a method aimed primarily at reducing time spent within production systems. The JIT method operates to ensure that you are meeting demand without holding excess stock, lowering costs.

Contact Rowse today to find out more about how we can help you source Network Rail Approved Products and how we can help you reduce costs through effective supply chain management processes.