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The Role of AI/ML in Industry 4.0

Post By: Ryan King On: 18-04-2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that has developed a processing system capable of behaving like human intelligence. It can perform reasoning, calculation and analytical tasks and learn from these to improve...

How to Prepare Your Workforce for Industry 4.0?

Post By: Holly Shaw On: 12-04-2024

Manufacturers are facing ongoing pressure to change their business and production models. Industry 4.0 and the adoption of tech initiatives take centre stage, but you also need to remember the people who will use them...

The Role of Quantum Computing in Manufacturing

Post By: Ryan King On: 05-04-2024

Technological advances have emerged from Industry 4.0, but quantum computing will take the fourth industrial revolution to a whole new level. Although it’s still in its infancy, researchers and business leaders are already exploring...

Why Data is Important in Industry 4.0?

Post By: Harry Richardson On: 29-03-2024

Advanced Industry 4.0 technologies have created a marked change in business practice. Business intelligence now helps manufacturers achieve production excellence by collecting, analysing and managing the huge volumes of data...

How Industry 4.0 Is Changing Quality Assurance

Post By: Holly Shaw On: 22-03-2024

Industry 4.0 is becoming too generic for the various aspects of technological change in the 2020s. Perhaps we should consider things like design, manufacturing, maintenance and inspection as separate sectors, which all work together to...

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