Festo Partner

Rowse is Proud to be a Festo Official Partner

Rowse is a long-established and highly regarded business, and Festo has rewarded us by making us their Official Partner. What does this signify? Conferring an official partnership is a way for Festo to enhance its long-term relationship with us, showing that they consider Rowse one of their best-in-class distributors. This confirms that we meet their exacting standards as regards our staff expertise, performance and mutual cooperation. Festo also judges us to be giving high quality technical advice and service to our customers, and presenting a company image that complements Festo's corporate mission.

Festo has selected a network of such trusted distributors in order to consolidate their sales and improve their supply channels, while at the same time cooperating to implement technological innovations. It makes Rowse very proud to be awarded this official seal of approval and to be taking part in complementary business growth and development. In return for the official partnership, Festo enables Rowse to provide our customers with better service, by offering us selected product promotions, training and support services such as the online teaching tools and site visits.

Four Pillars – One Pledge

Festo have founded their business strategy on four fundamental pillars: efficiency, security, simplicity and competence. As a Festo Official Partner, Rowse is committed to passing on the Festo pledge based on these four principles, and to carrying on our business guided by this strategy.

How You Benefit

As a customer, your needs come first, and must be met accurately and with the minimum of delay. With Rowse's one-click quote system this couldn't be easier, and Festo's standardised core product ranges make supply even simpler and more efficient. Furthermore, Festo's global distribution network means that we can get any standard item within a 24 hour period (up to five days for more complex configurable items). You are assured of a secure supply, in that Festo guarantees to its Official Partners that the right products will always be available, wherever in the world our customers may be. Nor will you find that next time you need a part your distributor is out of stock or delivery times are unacceptable.

As a Festo Official Partner, we can offer you a one-stop shop for all your electrical or automation needs. We'll help you to achieve the optimum results, getting the best prices and assisting with advice on equipment installation and maintenance. Our specialist staff at Rowse are trained in depth on the use and service of Festo equipment, and are able offer you the best possible technical support and advice on your purchases. Festo engineering support portals also enable you to design and manipulate the most complex of automated systems with configuration and maintenance tools, simulation software and automation suites.

What is perhaps most important in this turbulent world is that as a Festo Official Partner, Rowse can offer you peace of mind. We have made a long-term commitment to provide you with an extensive product range, comprehensive engineering support and the weight of a global manufacturer behind us.