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Home automation, the rise of the smart home.

How to Choose The Right EV Charger

Post By: Ryan King On: 02-03-2020

Electric vehicles are getting more technologically advanced every day. Their use is no longer so limited, making clean energy a real possibility, and EV owners are beginning to consider...

The Ultimate Smart Home Guide

Post By: Ryan King On: 20-09-2018

Homes are becoming smarter. With the rapid rise in home automation technology, consumers are incorporating smart-home devices and systems into their homes. Automation technology has developed significantly in recent years with the introduction...

Are Smart Homes Secure?

Post By: Ryan King On: 22-08-2018

It's 2018, the year that homes become smart. With the rise of home automation devices and voice assistants over the last few years, there have been growing concerns from security professionals and customers over the security of smart homes...

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Home automation is on the rise. As more and more homes become "smart", we at Rowse are exploring this trend and giving you the advice, guides, tip, tricks and news that you need to get started in the new era of home automation and smart homes.

What is home automation?

Home automation is the process of using technology to connect home appliances and devices to perform actions autonomously. The development of these home automation devices has been called IoT (internet of things). IoT allows for your home appliances to become interconnected and connected to the internet allowing for unified control of these devices through apps, voice assistants and automation software. We have seen many devices developed over the last few years that will enable your home to become connected, these include:

  • Lights, the lights in your house can become connected and be easily controlled by voice assistants, controls, and apps. You have full control over the colour, brightness and even timings.
  • Blinds/Curtains. Automatically opening and closing blinds and curtains allows for the user to have hard to reach windows, like sky-lights, covered when required.
  • Doors/Security. Security is one of the significant factors when it comes to your home. There have been significant developments in security devices that keep your home secure, through smart doors, doorbells and even CCTV systems.

There are many more smart home devices that homeowners are starting to implement in their homes.

How Can Rowse Help You With Home Automation?

Here at Rowse, we have an experienced team who have been following the home automation trend for the last few years and are here to help. We also stock a variety of home automation systems and devices that can easily be integrated into your home.