Carbon Reduction Policy

Our Carbon Reduction Policy

1. Executive Overview

Rowse is dedicated to reaching Net Zero emissions by no later than 2050, embracing our role in combating climate change. This commitment benefits us and extends to our customers, partners, and the broader community. Our Carbon Reduction Plan outlines our initial steps, setting benchmarks for 2024 and detailing our strategies to diminish Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions within critical timeframes, aiming for Carbon Net Zero by 2050. We aim for widespread adoption and commitment to this initiative throughout Rowse.

We anticipate significant emission reductions through both behavioural changes and potential investments in infrastructure improvements. Our primary operational model is a warehouse with office space and a small fleet of permanent vehicles, so our carbon footprint is comparatively small. However, we are setting ambitious goals to reach Net Zero by March 2050, possibly achieving this target by 2040 as an ambitious stretch goal.

2. Reporting Compliance

This Carbon Reduction Plan aligns with the guidelines outlined in PPN 06/21 by the Cabinet Office in June 2021 and will be reviewed and updated annually.

3. Net Zero Commitment

Rowse is unwavering in our commitment to Net Zero GHG emissions by March 2050, recognising the imperative to expedite decarbonisation across the UK's public sector and beyond.

4. Methodology for Carbon Footprint

Rowse's methodology for calculating our carbon footprint considers our primary administrative operations and the fact that our landlord controls the energy supply. This year marks the first instance of reporting our emissions, demonstrating our minimal but impactful carbon footprint, which we plan to reduce.

5. Baseline Carbon Emissions for April 2023 - March 2024

Rowse operates from one location. Our Scope 1 and 2 emissions data reflect our commitment to transparency and environmental responsibility.

Scope 1

Scope 1 data consists of proportionate gas usage:

Office Location: Plymouth

Tonnes CO2e: 0t*

Occupancy: 14 People

*Rowse's has no Scope 1 data as no gas is used within our location.

Scope 2

Scope 2 data consists of electricity purchased. A landlord runs our premises, so a green energy tariff would need to be changed from them.

Office Location: Plymouth

Tonnes CO2e: 4.1t

Occupancy: 14 people

Scope 3

Our Scope 3 footprint is dominated by business travel and hotel stay emissions. There are several roles and functions requiring travel where most of these emissions come from. We will interrogate our data from travel to better understand if and where carbon reductions can be made.


Business Travel: 9.5t

Hotel Stay: 0.3t

Water Use: 0.2t

6. Emission Reduction Targets

Rowse has set ambitious reduction targets: a 50% cut by 2030, 78% by 2040, and aiming for Net Zero by 2050. These goals underscore our proactive approach to environmental stewardship.

7. Carbon Reduction Initiatives

Our outlined projects aim to systematically reduce GHG emissions, focusing on immediate actions and long-term strategies across all emission scopes. This includes optimising energy usage, investment in renewable energy, and promoting sustainable travel and work practices among our team.

8. Specific Actions per Scope

Detailed plans include reducing gas usage, shifting to renewable energy sources, and adopting carbon offsetting measures. We will also focus on reducing emissions from business travel and encouraging eco-friendly employee commuting options.

9. Employee Engagement and Learning

Empowering our employees with knowledge and tools to reduce their carbon footprint is a cornerstone of our strategy. Initiatives include regular updates, training, and incentivising sustainable practices in and out of the workplace.

10. Leadership Commitment

Rowse's Senior Management Team is fully committed to leading by example and ensuring regular updates and support for our Carbon Net Zero goals. This commitment is integral to our overall strategy and success in achieving our environmental objectives.

11. Declaration

Our Carbon Reduction Plan adheres to established guidelines and standards, emphasising our commitment to transparency and accountability in our journey towards Net Zero emissions. This plan has received full endorsement from our Senior Management Team, underscoring our collective commitment to a sustainable future.