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Railway Power Supplies and Earthing

Post By: Tom Rowse On: 28-11-2019

It's not easy to provide the power system for a railway network, with its long and narrow infrastructure. The railway is not always able to access power externally...

What Is The Digital Railway?

Post By: Ryan King On: 29-10-2019

Britain’s railway usage has doubled in the last 30 or so years. Like the choked motorways, peak periods on busy networks in commuter areas see Britain’s railways full to overflowing...

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At Rowse, we are a local company and we're always happy to share. In keeping with today's practice, our blogs make full use of our in-depth knowledge and experience of the railways, so we can share it with our friends and customers. Whether it's about specific components, legacy systems or imagining the railways of the future, we want to reach out to you with the latest and most interesting information. It's an exciting time for the rail industry as we move forward to integrate automated systems into the network, and we'll keep you up to date with all the developments. Topics that we talk about are likely to include guides, standards, news and industry updates.

Our experience in railway engineering stretches back more than 17 years, during which time we've developed a full understanding of the Network Rail catalogue and its PADS approval system. We've used this understanding to set up a simple quick quote system, so you can easily find your desired PADS products. We can help you with the sourcing and supply of these products, as well as with managing your supply chain. We utilise several techniques including JIT, Kanban and vendor reduction, so that your time and financial outlay are effectively reduced.

Railway supplies form a key part of Rowse operations, and we are proud to support the renewal and maintenance of the rail industry. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can always help you to locate the parts or components you're seeking for your railway engineering projects.