The world has shrunk even more in the last 20 years than it did in the whole of the previous century, and global trade has become the common practice of all leading business practitioners. Rowse is no exception, and we can provide you with a full range of export services for your business needs. The internet has become our marketplace and our order book, where geographical distance is no longer a barrier to the supply and export of goods and services worldwide. As a specialist in sourcing all kinds of products and equipment, from the obsolete to the very latest model specifications, we enjoy close working relationships with a host of top international manufacturers, such as Festo, Siemens, Idec and Harting. Our client base is also proudly international, and we can arrange to export whatever products you require to global destinations.

Exporting Brands

Why Choose Rowse?

It is important for our customers all over the world to be able to find the products they need with the minimum expenditure of time, stress and, of course, cash. Rowse is a well-known and long- established business, with outreach to suppliers not only throughout the UK but to the wider world beyond. We have been in the business since 2004, and our team of professional in-house experts can offer many years of combined experience in the supply of wholesale electrical goods, pneumatic products and everything you need for industrial automation. Together with our outstanding reputation for reliable and friendly service, with Rowse you can always be assured of top quality products and professional export services.

How Can Rowse Help?

Rowse has many years of experience in helping international businesses export their goods out of the UK with much less hassle and cost than you would think possible for such a complex operation. We can arrange all the necessary licences, customs declarations and duties, advising on the VAT or taxation status of the countries to which you wish your goods to be exported. For example, there are particular regulations imposed by the government in regard to export of electronics, both when leaving the UK and on arrival in their destined country, so both ends of the transaction must be carefully researched.

In the current situation, for instance, all goods are also classified under standardised codes and belong to the single European market, so your product will need to comply with these UK Trade Tariff classifications. There are also restrictions on the export of some goods such as computers, mobile phones, certain types of radio equipment and transmitters. Rowse can help you with identifying such products and obtaining the necessary licenses, as well as arranging the shipping details.

At Rowse we do our utmost to ensure that your products have a smooth and traceable journey out of the UK to any part of the world. Put yourself in our hands and you can rely on our team's expert handling of your electrical, automation or pneumatic parts, with full confidence that they will reach their export destination with the minimum of fuss.