Military Equipment

Rowse is a local business with a national clientele, based in Plymouth with its 600-year association with the Royal Navy. We are an electrical wholesale supply company with specialists in military equipment sourcing, and we pride ourselves on our ability to dig up even the oldest and most obscure items of military equipment. Rowse has been established in Plymouth since 2004, and is well known in the Southwest for its outstanding customer service, top quality products and competitive market prices.

Why Choose Rowse?

At Rowse we field a dedicated military department that specialises in sourcing and supplying equipment for the air force, navy and defence departments. With over 14 years in the business we can boast substantial military expertise, and our dedicated team members between them have over 50 years of combined experience to contribute. At Rowse we have a reputation for being able to locate even obsolete parts, and we are constantly working together with our customers to defeat product obsolescence. Our substantial military stock incorporates many NATO codified products, including several items which are no longer in production.

We are a local company with military equipment sourcing specialists, and a national outreach through our network of industry contacts.This is of immense benefit when sourcing obscure and obsolete parts, and helps our specialists search across the UK and beyond. Our exacting standards of product and supply are supported by ISO 9001:2015, which certifies the company to conduct its services in accordance with required UKAS standards.

How Can Rowse Help?

Rowse has, for many years, been in the business of helping the military to acquire the right parts for its requirements, using the NSN parts format. All material items used by the military are catalogued into common stock-types. These have been catalogued and recognised by NATO, and are issued with a standardised 13-digit NATO Stock Number. This numeric code allows standardised NSN Parts to be used in all treaty countries (and some others), and includes all those supply items used by the military that are stock-listed under the NSN code. The term "stock-listed" refers to any item issued with a NSN, which can be identified by a standardised name and used interchangeably.

Such items include minor parts such as washers or pencils, as well as critical communication equipment, ammunition and weapons. Nothing is omitted from the NSN catalogue, and we can help you find the most outdated and obscure parts, including office equipment, vehicles and transport, medical and dental supplies and domestic furnishings.

Rowse can help you find any NSN Part you need, using our specialist NSN search feature, which will give you an instant quote for the part number entered.