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Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution

What Are Single Board Computers?

Post By: Ryan King On: 06-10-2023

A Single Board Computer (SBC) defines itself by its name: it represents a complete functioning computer, where all its functions are built into just one printed circuit board (PCB). They’re small, inexpensive to purchase and run...

How 3D Printing Lowers The Cost Of Product Development

Post By: Ryan King On: 01-08-2023

In traditional manufacturing, the design, development and production processes were usually slow. You had to take great care to get the design just right before any manufacturing could take place...

7 Challenges In Industrial Robotics

Post By: Ryan King On: 26-07-2023

From a simple robotic arm to widespread implementation, there have been many challenges for industrial robots to overcome, including high prices and complex hardware.

3D Printing Issues Manufacturers Face

Post By: Ryan King On: 26-07-2023

It’s hard to believe that 3D printing has only been around since the 1980s. This technique, also called additive manufacturing, has proved so immensely useful that it’s evolving very quickly.

What You Need To Know About Mobile Robots

Post By: Ryan King On: 19-06-2023

In terms of simplicity and logistics, people were always the obvious choice for moving something from A to B. Whether it was a push cart, trolley or forklift truck, a human operator was there to do the job...

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Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0. As more and more factories are becoming interconnected and smart, we are seeing a rise in the term, industry 4.0 appearing. Rowse has been following the industry 4.0 trend for some time and has been working with factories to implement solutions and processes to increase productivity and reduce costs.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. This includes everything from cloud computing to cyber-physical systems. Terms like Big Data have been applied to the vast amounts of data that businesses are gathering and analysing from their processes and machinery.

How Can Rowse Help With Industry 4.0?

At Rowse, we have been working closely with manufacturers and suppliers to develop and implement solutions to bring a more connected and smarter factory to life. Rowse can guide you through the selection process for new hardware and software and point you in the right direction.