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Idec was founded in Japan in November 1945, and was incorporated in March 1947 with a registered office in Osaka. 70 years on, Idec added a French technological group, and a well-known Japanese manufacturer of RFID and barcode readers to its operations, transitioning the company into a global business. The Idec Group has almost 4,000 employees, with sales and distribution centres in the Americas, China, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Worldwide sales for the 2017-8 fiscal year were announced at US$562 million, with core products centred on safety devices, automation solutions and HMI (Human Machine Interfaces). HMI accounts for almost half of the corporate revenues.

The corporate philosophy aims to achieve an optimum environment for humanity and machines, with a focus on saving energy and ensuring the safety of all their technologies. It includes social contribution as part of its corporate mission, and has established a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to promote a safe and sustainable society.

IDEC Products


The Idec Group produces safety equipment for the human handling procedures associated with robotic assembly lines, as well as products supporting sensory detection and visual inspection processes. Components include Control Units, Terminal Blocks and Control Relays, Photoelectric Switches, Flat LED Illumination Units and Circuit Protectors. Idec also supplies a range of RFID items for product traceability, which includes Barcode Readers, Laser Markers, Operator Interfaces and Programmable Controllers. Similar items are helpful also in food management for the restaurant industry, together with LED Illumination Units.

Idec features core products for the automation and control of office buildings, lifts, parking garages and security monitoring systems. Available items include Programmable Controllers, RFID Key Control Systems, and Communication and Networking components. Idec programmable controllers and safety sensors are also valuable for controlling movable barriers, in the public transportation arena and in industrial environments. Available items include Control Units, Smart Relays and Emergency-Stop Switches.


With Idec's focus on safety, their product range includes safety devices for metal processes and machine tools, for plastics moulding and for robotic systems. For petroleum and chemical applications, explosion-proof products such as Flameproof and Enhanced Safety Control Boxes are supplied, plus Display Enclosures with touchscreen, and Safety Relay Barriers. Safety Light Towers and Interlock Switches are available, and for automated and robotic systems Idec produces a range of Teaching Pendants, Grip Switches and Surface Mount Indicators.


Japan leads the field in solar panel mountings for traditional wooden architecture, and Idec offers a variety of Power Conditioners and Monitoring Systems to distribute domestic solar energy. As electric vehicles increase in popularity, Idec also offers products for charging stations that include programmable Operator Interfaces, Control Units and Relays, Switches, Interlock Switches and Pilot Lights. In 1990 the company developed Ultrafine Bubble Generation Technology, which may have applications in agriculture, industry and the food sector.

For factory and commercial facilities, Idec produces LED Ceiling Lights and Illumination Units for high ceilings and low-temperature environments, plus control systems that deliver LED lighting and Downcast Lights for shops. LED Illumination Units are also available for interior lighting in such applications as food processing equipment and machine tools, with a range of Constant Current Power Supplies.



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