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Here at Rowse, we've been in the electrical wholesale business since 2004, and we have extensive experience of all types of business and trading. We've built our success on a solid foundation of reliable supply and excellent customer relations because whatever you sell, it's the people you sell to who really matter. Our customers are bricks and mortar of our business at Rowse, and we pride ourselves on always supplying you with the best products at the most competitive trade prices.

We listen to you and take account of your requirements because we know that every business and trader is unique. Whatever you need for your business, we'll take the time to find it, and get it to you as quickly and conveniently as possible. Whether you're a sole trader, a retailer, a company buyer, or someone who works in internet resales, we have a trade account that accommodates your cash-flow requirements. With a Rowse trade account, we can promise you the best prices, alert you to special offers and provide you with the best and friendliest service.

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Sign up for a Rowse Trade Account today and take advantage of these great additional benefits:

  • Credit Facilities: When you sign up for a Rowse trade account, we'll extend credit facilities to you on the usual trading terms. We'll work together with you to set up your account, to make your business life as simple as possible.
  • Expert Technical Support: At Rowse, we field a team of fully trained in-house experts who can assist you with all our products and services. As licensed distributors for many major product brands, we are always ready and able to help.
  • Exclusive Promotions: When you register for a Rowse trade account, you become eligible for exclusive product promotions, offering you the chance to access even more amazing discounts.
  • One Account, Three Businesses: When you sign up for an account with Rowse your account covers Rowse, Rowse Automation and Rowse Pneumatics