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How to Prepare Your Workforce for Industry 4.0?

Post By: Holly Shaw On: 12-04-2024

Manufacturers are facing ongoing pressure to change their business and production models. Industry 4.0 and the adoption of tech initiatives take centre stage, but you also need to remember the people who will use them...

How Industry 4.0 Is Changing Quality Assurance

Post By: Holly Shaw On: 22-03-2024

Industry 4.0 is becoming too generic for the various aspects of technological change in the 2020s. Perhaps we should consider things like design, manufacturing, maintenance and inspection as separate sectors, which all work together to...

What’s The Difference Between Industry 4.0 And Industry 3.0?

Post By: Holly Shaw On: 22-02-2024

To understand Industry 4.0 and Industry 3.0, we must go back to Industry 1.0, although it wasn't called that then. We learned about the Industrial Revolution in school...

2024 Manufacturing Trends

Post By: Holly Shaw On: 20-02-2024

Many of last year's trends are still prominent in manufacturing, especially regarding automation. Predictive maintenance and additive manufacturing (3D printing) continue to expand, while robots and digital twins...

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Industry 4.0?

Post By: Holly Shaw On: 09-01-2024

You might think that Industry 4.0 is only applicable to large-scale industries, but many benefits also apply to SMEs, including increased efficiency and productivity...

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