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The Bonomi operation was founded in 1901 as Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi, a family business which soon became prominent in the production of valves for wine-making equipment. From this beginning the company progressively oriented its production focus to gas and water distribution valve systems. In 1967 Bonomi manufactured the first 2 piece ball valves, a system of distribution now used by all valve producers. Since that time they have specialised in ball valve production, together with other components for domestic and ecological plumbing installations.

The Bonomi Group is now comprised of three complementary companies, which together lead the field in hydraulics and heating technology, specialising in components for the interception and regulation of gases and fluids. For over 100 years Bonomi has maintained a twin focus on solidity combined with constant growth, with production sites now located in Italy and Brazil and commercial branches operating in England, North America, Russia, Germany, India and China. Constant R&D innovations allow the Group to evolve newer and better solutions, driven by a passion for discovery and continual devotion to the needs of their customers.

The Group's newest plant in Gussago, Italy has been certified as the first Green Company premises in Lombardy, confirming the company's status as a dynamic, open-minded Group that combines family traditions with forward thinking solutions for the industry's future.

Bonomi Products

At Rowse we are pleased to stock a wide range of Bonomi process flow products and components, for all gas and water system requirements.

Process Valves

The collection of Valpres Process Valves includes Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Valves as well as Cast Iron and Butterfly Valves. In the Stainless Steel Valves collection are offered 2 and 3 Piece Ball Valves, including an Economy version and a design especially for Steam. There are also Ball Valves-with ISO 5211 Pad, Sanitary Ball Valves, Reduced Bore 3 Way Valves and various types of Wafer Ball Valve. Split Body Ball Valves are available in both Stainless and Carbon Steel, together with various other Carbon Steel versions. Cast Iron options include both Split Body and DVGW Approved versions, while Butterfly Valves are available in either Wafer or Lugged Type, with Stainless Steel or Cast Iron Disc. Special Executions by Bonomi include Spring-Loaded or Swing Check Non-Return Valves, Strainers and Optional Extras such as a Locking Handle or Extension Stem.


The Bonomi range of Actuators available from Rowse includes both Electrically and Pneumatically Actuated Valves and Actuators in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel, with Accessories including Switch Boxes, Positioners and Solenoid Valves.


The range of Bonomi regulators includes a selection of 2 and 3 way Brass Ball Valves, plus Euro-Press, Eurofly and Gate Valves and Valves for Pressure Reduction and Regulation.



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