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Burnett & Hillman manufacture an extensive range of hydraulic adaptors, covering more than 3,000 different mild steel options. Types include Metric, BSP, JIC, NPTF, NPSM, SAE and ORFS. Customised solutions are also available in brass and stainless steel.

Burnett & Hillman is a UK-based company originating in the Bristol area in 1965. They manufacture hydraulic adaptors and fittings, developing from on-demand production to a stock of standard ranges and styles. Steady growth has allowed the company to expand into new premises, where they produce over 36,000 components a day.

Burnett & Hillman Products

Rowse is pleased to stock a wide variety of hydraulic adaptors and fittings from Burnett & Hillman.

Male x Male Adaptors

Burnett & Hillman male x male adaptors come in a huge range of different options. These include combinations of BSP, BSPT, JIC, SAE, NPTF, SORB and metric. They offer options for captive seal, locknut, bulkhead with or without locknut, 60° cone, 45° external flare, 24° cone tube fittings, O-ring and restrictor.

Male x Swivel Female Adaptors

We can supply many types of Burnett & Hillman male x swivel female adaptors, including BSP, metric, JIC and NPSM. Configuration options include captive seal, O-ring, 60° cone x BSP swivel female, 1.5mm pitch and test point adaptors.

Swivel Female x Swivel Female Adaptors

Burnett & Hillman swivel female x swivel female adaptors are available in combinations of BSP, metric, JIC, NPSM and NPTF configurations. Some are offered with a 1.5mm pitch.

Male x fixed female & fixed female x female adaptors

We stock a wide variety of Burnett & Hillman adaptors in this category. Options include BSP, BSPT, NPTF, SAE, metric and JIC versions, with various configurations including extended, gauge, bush, 60° cone, 1.5mm pitch and reducing.

Tee & Cross Adaptors

We can supply Burnett & Hillman tee and cross adaptors in a wide variety of configurations. These include male, male and swivel female or fixed combinations, in BSP, BSPT, NPTF and JIC options. Tee adaptors are available for bonded seals, with cone seating, unequal, reducing or enlarging versions, 60° cone, O-ring and seal branch with enlarging or reducing options. Cross adaptors are made in male, fixed or swivel female and bonded seal versions.

Elbow Adaptors

Burnett & Hillman elbow adaptors come in a range of configurations that includes male, fixed or swivel female styles in BSP, BSPT, NPTF, NPSM, SAE and JIC options. Elbows can be 45° or 90°, compact or extended, with external flare, for bonded seal or O-ring.

Plugs, Caps & Crimp Nuts

We can supply Burnett & Hillman fittings in this category that include BSP, BSPT, NPSM, NPTF, metric, JIC and SAE configurations. Optional styles include solid or 60° coned plugs, for bonded or captive seal, 1.0 or 1.5mm pitch, hexagon socket plugs, O-ring and 45° cone external flare. Also available are fixed or swivel, solid or blanking caps and crimp nuts.

Swepts, Push-in, Hose-Tails & Ferrules

This category includes Burnett & Hillman BSP and JIC male and female adaptor configurations, with O-ring, swivel, 90° or 135° swept elbows. Also available are BSP, BSPT, NPTF and JIC push-in and hose-tail options for straight or swept elbows.

O-ring Face Seal Adaptors

We stock Burnett & Hillman male and female face seal adaptors, with or without O-rings, in BSP, ORFS, SAE and metric configurations. Additional options include caps, swivel and tee, 1.5mm pitch 24° cone tube, 45° and 90° forged compact or positional elbows, and bulkhead versions, with or without locknut.

Forged Adaptors

We can supply a large selection of Burnett & Hillman forged adaptors, in BSP, JIC, UNF, metric and NPTF configurations. These include male and female, fixed and swivel, bulkhead, 45° and 90° positional or compact elbows, O-ring, fixed or swivel tee, branched or positional tee, and a fixed cross.

JIS Adaptors

Our range of Burnett & Hillman JIS adaptors includes combinations of male and female JIS and BSP versions, with BSP or metric threads. Also available are 60° double cones for metric BSP ends, solid plugs, fixed caps, and swept elbows.

O-rings, bonded seals & protection caps

We stock O-rings from Burnett & Hillman for ORFS and SAE boss male, as well as BSP and metric self-centring bonded seals. We can also supply BSP plastic protection caps in a range of sizes.

DIN 2353 Compression Fittings

Burnett & Hillman DIN 2353 compression fittings are available in male and female, metric, BSP and JIC configurations. Options include bulkhead, complete or body-only versions, with locknut or captive seal, reducers, 90° angle, tees, blanking plug or end, cutting rings and compression nuts.

Quick-Release Couplings – ISO A (7241-A)

This category comprises Burnett & Hillman quick-release couplings to ISO A standard, and includes several types of carrier and probe fittings.

Quick-Release Couplings – ISO 16028 (Flat Faced)

This category covers quick-release couplings to ISO 16028 standard, and comprises several types of flat-faced carrier and probe fittings.

Quick-Release Couplings – ISO B (7241-B)

This category of Burnett & Hillman quick-release couplings covers the ISO B standard, and comprises several carrier and probe fittings.

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