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Gewiss was founded in northern Italy in 1970, with a revolutionary idea that introduced techno-polymers into the design of electrical systems. By 1997 it had acquired several industry-leading European companies and formed the Gewiss Group, comprising twelve internationally active trading and industrial companies. Its registered office and a new logistics/technological hub are centred around Bergamo, with production facilities located in France, Germany and Portugal. The Gewiss Group employs over 1,500 people. It has distributors and agencies in 80 nations worldwide, and sales branches in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Gewiss is an international market leader in low voltage electrical products. They have achieved this key position through continual investment in expansion, research and development, and training for all their personnel. They manufacture solutions for energy, lighting and home automation, which include smart buildings, video comms, lighting for all environments and systems for energy distribution and protection. The company today supplies a catalogue of integrated electrical system components, with more than 20,000 products satisfying electrotechnical demands across all market sectors.

The company's stated philosophy is to focus on innovation and development as a constant feature in their company management, engaging all personnel in a collaborative effort to reach new horizons.

Gewiss Products


Gewiss lighting combines Italian style with advanced LED technologies, blending beauty and quality with efficiency and energy savings, to produce a catalogue of quality lighting systems for all environments. Floodlights are supplied for arenas and outdoor industrial applications, and there are also multifunctional floodlights available which can be used in fixed or mobile situations. Architectural floodlights illuminate special features, garden lighting is used for outdoor residential spaces, and TRILIGHT bollards light up urban green areas. A wide range of luminaires are available for industrial spaces, as well as ceiling and flush-mounted downlights for commercial or office premises.


Gewiss produces a small range of data connectors for their domotic (smart building) solutions. These include housing data connectors, FTP/UTP connectors for LAN cabling systems, conventional network connectors, and 3 Pole Power Supply connectors for metro lighting.


We stock a range of Gewiss power distribution products, such as Modular Circuit Breakers with accessories, for residual current or circuit protection, and Rotary Switch Disconnectors. Automatic Reclosing Devices are available for circuit restoration, and Moulded Case Circuit Breakers for industrial and commercial power distribution systems. Gewiss also offers Flush-Mounted Distribution Boards with isolating front panels and DIN rails, and String Boards for photovoltaic systems. Wall or Floor Mounted Distribution Boards are also available, as well as Monobloc or Modular Boards, and a Busbar range.

Domestic Electrical

Gewiss domotic products include the Chorus range of modular devices, and a wide variety of modular and flush-mounted enclosures for all kinds of wireless and home automation devices. An entire automation control system is available in one unit, or there are individual junction and connection boxes for flush-mounting, surface or under-floor installation. Other mounting options include columns, and a special Green range for plasterboard and lightweight walls, with a stylish range of Italian front plates to blend in with any environment.



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