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Metal Work was founded in 1967, in a small workshop in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. The company started out manufacturing the push-in fittings that were used in compressed air systems, but has since substantially expanded its business reach and product range. Today, Metal Work is a market leader in the production and supply of pneumatic components for automated systems.

Metal Work's primary production site is in Concesio, near Brescia, where it employs a workforce of more than 400 people. There are also 50 subsidiaries operating in Italy and around the world. An additional 700 or so employees in a worldwide sales network handle sales and product distribution, also providing after-sales services and technical assistance.

Metal Work Products

At Rowse, we are pleased to stock the major product ranges for which Metal Work is best known.

Pneumatic cylinders

We can supply a wide range of Metal Work cylinders, including compact and mini cylinders, rodless and stainless steel cylinders, guided compact and short stroke cylinders, round cylinders and cartridge micro cylinders. Metal Work products also include electric cylinders and cylinders with an incorporated hydraulic brake. We can supply Metal Work linear and rotary actuators, slides and V-lock cylinders, plus pneumatic grippers.

Pneumatic Valves

The Metal Work catalogue offers well over 1,000 items in its valve section alone. We can supply you with Metal Work pedal-operated or two-handed safety valves, mechanical, manual, pneumatic or electro-pneumatic Series 70 valves, together with coils, connectors and accessories for that range. At Rowse we also stock Metal Work NAMUR valves and various types of solenoid valve, plus the MACH series of pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and solenoid-pneumatic valves. Metal Work valves are available that comply with various ISO safety standards, such as the ISO 5599/1 SAFE AIR series, which comes in both single and double valve options. Multiple connection valve options are also available, as well as valve islands and input/output Profibus connections. Metal Work also produce solenoid valves for EV-Fluid and actuated valves for RV-Fluid.

Air Preparation

At Rowse we are pleased to stock a range of Metal Work air preparation components, including precision pressure regulators, pressure sensors and flow switches. Also available is a wide range of FRL components, including the Syntesi series of configurators, with optional active carbon filters, lubricators, depurators, shut-off valves and progressive starters. The Syntesi series includes pilotable regulators and a 2- or 4-way air take off version. Combined units can incorporate various optional configurations. Metal Work also supplies the Skillair series, which includes adapter sub-bases and bases, and the BIT series, which also features micro-regulators with a padlockable option and a series F for water. Further ranges include the configurable One series and the New Deal series, with optional automatic line condensation drain or circuit sectioning valves.

Pneumatic Fittings

At Rowse we can supply a variety of Metal Work pneumatic fittings, in both imperial and metric sizes, with optional thread types or push-in configurations. Fittings are variously available in brass, stainless steel or copper, and come in all types, such as T, Y, elbow, etc.