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nVent Hoffman came into being in September 2019, when Eldon, the Spanish enclosures company, joined with global electrical company nVent. These two major companies have been leading the field in product innovation for 100 years. Their skilled and flexible staff teams have a well-deserved reputation for reliable and friendly customer service. The new incarnation of nVent Hoffman is an industry leader in high-performance electrical products, with global coverage and extensive resources.

Combining the high European profile of Eldon with nVent's worldwide customer coverage means that nVent Hoffman can supply exactly the same product anywhere in the world. At the same time, they're consolidating their global footprint, so that all their products are locally sourced and manufactured. Wherever you are, you can find a comprehensive range of IEC and NEMA-certified products at an nVent Hoffman outlet.

nVent Hoffman Products

Rowse is pleased to stock a wide range of nVent Hoffman products. The company's principal focus is on enclosures, which are used worldwide for all sorts of industrial applications. These include food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, quarries & aggregates, and machine building. You can also choose nVent Hoffman for Power Distribution solutions, as well as Cable Management and Thermal Management.

nVent Hoffman Enclosures

We stock many types of nVent Hoffman enclosures, including both wall-mounted and floor-standing units. They're made in several durable materials, including hygiene-grade steel, mild and stainless steel, aluminium, and polyester. For protection against electromagnetic interference, there's also an EMC option in galvanised steel.

nVent Hoffman enclosures are manufactured in many convenient configurations. You can choose cabinets with a lid or without, with single or double doors, or with sloping lids and silicone seals for hygiene-grade use. Modular floor-standing enclosures are available which allow for expansion to additional units. There are also compact enclosures and unibody units, for heavy-duty applications and harsh environments.

A range of specialised nVent Hoffman enclosures includes IP66-rated steel combinable enclosures, and an ATEX and IECEx-rated, wall-mounted stainless steel cabinet. Electrical components will be protected in potentially hazardous processing locations, including facilities dealing with petroleum and chemicals, water treatment, pharmaceuticals and grain.

For outdoor applications, you'll find fibreglass-reinforced polyester enclosures that offer higher resistance to corrosion, weathering and chemicals. They have double insulation and a transparent viewing plate.

The range of nVent Hoffman enclosures also includes terminal boxes, available in steel, aluminium, polyester, polycarbonate or ABS. You can also find specially designed HMI enclosures, for mounting computer consoles, control panels and touchscreens.

nVent Hoffman Thermal Management

Rowse can supply nVent Hoffman solutions for heating and cooling control, such as heating and anti-condensation units, cooling units, fan ventilators and heat exchangers. Also available are specialised units for hazardous environments.

nVent Hoffman Cable Management

nVent Hoffman makes cable management solutions such as cable glands, cable anchorage glands and cable protection units. You'll also find several configurations of cable entry gland plates, and metallic or non-metallic hole seals.

nVent Hoffman Power Distribution

nVent Hoffman offer floor-standing and wall-mounted enclosures for power distribution panels. The combinable floor-standing units can easily be configured into sub-sections.

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