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Pneumax S.p.a was founded in 1976 in Lurano, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, by partners Roberto Bottacini and Giuseppe Beretta. During more than 40 years of operation, Pneumax has developed into a worldwide market leader in pneumatics manufacturing. They supply key components such as cylinders, pilot and solenoid valves, and a wide selection of fittings and accessories related to pneumatic automation. The organisation has expanded to become the Pneumax Holdings group, with significant growth in size and turnover. The current manufacturing site at Lurano covers more than 94,000 square metres and employees over 500 people, with a strong focus on the Italian market.

The group as a whole controls 19 companies worldwide, ensuring an international presence in global pneumatics. Subsidiaries are located in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and the UK, as well as in Brazil, Russia, Singapore, India and Shanghai. In addition, Pneumax fields over 65 globally distributed dealerships. Their UK branch, Pneumax Limited, is headquartered in Southampton and fields upwards of 300 employees.

Pneumax Products

Rowse stocks a wide variety of Pneumax products, designed to satisfy the requirements of many different industrial sectors.

Pneumatic Cylinders

We can offer a large selection of Pneumax cylinders, including the 1200 Series Microcylinders, the 1300 Series of non-rotating Rod Cylinders, with Tie and Twin Rod Cylinders as well as Linear Actuators and the space-saving Ecoflat design. The Pneumax 1400 Series of Hydraulic Speed Control Check Cylinders and Hydro-Pneumatic Cylinders is followed by the 1500 Series of Compact Cylinders and the 1600 Series of Rodless and Cable Cylinders.


Pneumax's range of Valves includes the 100 and 200 Series Miniature Mechanical and Manual Command Valves, in various types of actuation in a micro size that make installation much simpler. Pneumatic Command valves are also actuated remotely, but are similar in operation to Solenoid Valves. Available valve accessories include the 900 Series of Complementary Valves, Blocking Valves, Function Fittings, Miniaturised Pressure Regulators, Compact Fittings for lubrication and Pneumatic Circuit devices.

Pneumatic Fittings

Rowse supplies a wide range of Pneumax pneumatic fittings, including Standard and Compact Brass push-in fittings, Technopolymer push-in fittings, Compression fittings, Standard and Quick fittings, Silencers, Aluminium or non-Aluminium Manifolds, Steams, Accessories and Valves, Flow regulators, Nozzles and Tubes.

Solenoid Valves

We can also supply Pneumax Solenoid Valves, including the 300 Series of Direct Operated solenoid valves, the 400 Series of Compact and Tecno-Eco Solenoid Valves and the 500 Namur Series for use with a namur mounting plane. The 700 Series comprises Pad and Poppet Solenoid Valves, while the 800, 1000 and 2100 through 2700 Series are all related to Distributors and Electrodistributors. Finally, there is the F300 Series, which comprises a vast range of brass and stainless steel Solenoid Valves for controlling fluids.



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