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Prevost was established in 1978 in an industrial region of France's Haute-Savoie, and specialises in the treatment and distribution of compressed air. The company has a substantial presence in the automotive and industrial sectors that use hydraulic and pneumatic power, and has designed a number of innovative products such as specialised PVC and aluminium pipe systems, and anti-whip couplings. With 40 years of experience in the market, Prevost is now expanding its international reach, with many clients in America, across Europe, and more than 80 other countries worldwide.

In 1998, Prevost moved its offices to a larger site, and the following year opened a US subsidiary located in Greenville, South Carolina. Prevost pioneered a one-touch safety coupling for pneumatics in 2007 and as a result, doubled its premises and founded a UK subsidiary, setting up a base in Greater Manchester in 2010. Since its inception, Prevost has provided its customers with a comprehensive range of reliable and compatible products specifically designed for compressed air networks. Driven by innovation and quality, the company has been able to adapt rapidly to market changes and to satisfy its customer expectations.

Prevost Products

Prevost are industry leaders in specialist pneumatic supplies, and have a long history of new inventions to advance the market.

Pneumatic Tools

A comprehensive range of air-powered tools is stocked at Rowse, from impact and ratchet wrenches to screwdrivers, sanders and grinders in various configurations. Also available are drills, chisel hammers and power strippers, plus a wide variety of cutting tools. Whatever the application, a Prevost pneumatic tool will fit the bill, including greasing, caulking, punching, flanging, cleaning and brushing.

Pneumatic Hose/Tubing

Prevost hoses and tubing are supplied in a selection of materials, including reinforced PVC and rubber, unreinforced polyurethane, anti-static and self-locking hoses, multi-layered PVC and food-grade industrial rubber. Most hoses are coiled and come in various dimensions, together with extensions, hose holders and fittings.

Pneumatic Connections/Fittings

The Prevost catalogue includes a vast array of possible fittings and connections, from a simple push-in connector to a 3-port manifold for equal or unequal tubes. Tapered and parallel regulators are available with adjustable knob or screw and cylinder supply or exhaust, in unidirectional or bidirectional options. Hoses can be connected with barbs, a straight threaded stud or a choice of elbow, T, Y, equal cross or right-angle joints. Male and female parallel or tapered adapters are offered for tubes, as well as straight unions and Y pieces for equal and unequal tubes.

Compressed Air Treatment

For a full range of compressed air treatment units, Prevost offers combined FRL units as well as separately designed Regulators, Filter-Regulators and Lubricators. Regulators come with gauge and mounting bracket included. An optional diverter block and safety quick coupler are also available.



  • Pneumatic Tools
  • Pneumatic Hose/Tubing
  • Pneumatic Connections/Fittings
  • Compressed Air Treatment

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