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The company was founded in 1945 in Germany by Georg Schlegel, as a development of his existing electrical installation business which he started in 1925. He started manufacturing equipment for vulcanising tyres and in 1947 developed the company's first terminal blocks, followed in 1952 by its first control units. Over the ensuing years Schlegel has continued to expand and embrace new technologies, including ultrasonic welding in 1979 and CAD in 1987. Georg Schlegel passed away in 1983, two years before the company's 40th anniversary, but the family tradition continued, with more members of the Schlegel family joining the company in 1959, 1962 and 2005.

From its early beginnings, Schlegel has expanded its sphere of operations, exporting to over 80 countries worldwide and with sales offices in Austria, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. The company still focuses on its traditional values of quality, innovation and design, and continues to manufacture all its products exclusively in Germany, ensuring a constant high-level of production quality.

Schlegel Products


At Rowse we supply top quality Schlegel enclosures for terminal blocks and control units, made from stainless steel, aluminium alloy casting and plastics. They are available in a wide range of models to suit various applications and offer optimum protection combined with plenty of internal space.

Schlegel enclosure types include E-stop Control Stations, including AS-Interface and Compact versions, Cast Aluminium Enclosures and Terminal Boxes, Pendant Aluminium Enclosures, Insulated and Equipped Insulated Plastic Enclosures and Compact Enclosures for wall mounting (minibox) or profile rails.

Push Buttons and Switches

This collection includes Position (or Limit) Switches, Pedal Switches and Emergency Stops, all distinguished by high resistance, mechanical stability and extreme durability. Foot Pedal switches offer a corrugated anti-slip covering, a protected chemical and oil-resistant rubber membrane for protection against dust and humidity and integrated stroke limitation. Emergency Stop Buttons are supported by self-monitoring contact blocks requiring no battery power, with illuminated displays showing equipment status.

Schlegel Limit Switches are extremely flexible, to suit a wide variety of applications requiring the control and limitation of movement, and can also serve as a trigger switch for alarms and safety systems. They are available in various types of housing according to their operational conditions, offer many different contact combinations and can also be supplied for AS-Interface.

Terminal Blocks

Rowse supplies Schlegel terminal blocks for use in automated control systems, in control and switchgear, systems for measurement and distribution and for the construction of lifts and lifting equipment. The comprehensive selection includes Screw-type and Standard Terminal Blocks for all the commonly rated cross-section types, with Cage Clamps or IDC fast connection technology. The range includes Separator Terminals, Initiator Terminals, Feed-Through Terminal blocks, Distribution and Combined Terminals, Fuse or Earth Connection Terminals, for AC and DC, high power or low-voltage current.



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